When you’re learning how to roller skate, you need to invest in some protective gear. A good pair of roller skate trainers is crucial, as they will prevent you from falling when you’re practicing. These trainers can also help you avoid a few injuries. In this buying guide, we have briefly reviewed the top 3 training aids for junior and beginner roller skaters. All these are well-made and reasonably priced, so no matter which option you go with, you will never regret your investment.

Best Roller Skate Trainers

Roller Skate Trainers Review

BrandMaterialColorIdeal Age
YSLRSM Roller Skate TrainerAlloy SteelBlue, Pink, Yellow3-12See Price
Karben Skater-AidPVCYellow, Red, White...5-10See Price
CroSight Roller Skater AidAlloy SteelPink, Blue4-15See Price

1. YSLRSM Roller Skate Trainers

YSLRSM Roller Skate Trainers

The skate trainer is made with a sturdy steel pipe frame rather than a typical PVC that’s a relatively fragile material, so it’s going to be a very compact and long-time performer. Besides being safe, the trainer offers 360-degree protection against falling or injuries. It’s a great choice for junior and adult skaters. Also, it’s easy to clean and maintain.

2. Karben Roller Skates Training Aid

Karben Roller Skate Training Aid

Excellent roller skate trainer for young children. The adjustable height allows kids to learn the proper balance and technique necessary for rolling. Made of structural-grade PVC, the unit also includes large, non-marring 3-inch wheels. Assembly takes about five minutes, and the unit has four adjustment points so your child can learn to skate comfortably and safely. If your child needs additional support, you can adjust the unit to your child’s height.

3. CroSight Roller Skate Trainer

CroSight Skate Training Equipment Review

This is an affordable and safe way for kids to learn how to roller skate properly. Like the above roller hockey skate trainers, its adjustable height will allow the trainer to grow with your child, making it easy to fit the right size on your child’s feet. The all-around free and flexible wheels move smoothly and steadily. Beginners can keep their balance on the roller skates by grabbing the handrails. It’s suitable for children aged 4–15.


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