Choosing the right roller hockey pants for you is an essential part of a better sports experience. The right pair of pants will be breathable and easy to wear. It should also have a stretch crotch and elastic waistband to allow for maximum movement while playing. These are the basics of any good pair of hockey pants. There are several types of pants, and finding the perfect pair for you can be a difficult process, but it’s worth it in the long run. In this guide, we have lined up the top 11 inline hockey pants, so get ahead and check these out to make the right choice.

Best Inline Roller Hockey Pants Review

Inline Roller Hockey Pants Review

Black Biscuit 3100Lycra/Pique FabricBlackXS/S/M/LSee Price
TronX VenomLycra/Pique FabricPink/Blue/Black/RedS/M/L/XLSee Price
ALAKLI Revel 2Stretchable MeshBlackM/L/XLSee Price
Tour HockeyStretch CrotchMulticolored/BlackL/XLSee Price
Fang Inline PantsMesh/LyricaMixS/M/L/XLSee Price
Bauer Vapor X800RNylon/LyricaBlackM/LSee Price
Labeda Pama 7.1NylonNavy/White/RedSSee Price
Under ArmourPolyester/ElastaneBlack/NavyXS/S/M/L/XLSee Price
Black Biscuit 3600 Rookie/Pique FlexBlackS/M/L/XLSee Price
Rink Rat RR Pro V2Nylon FabricWhite/BlackS/M/L/XLSee Price
Spartan XTStretch CrotchBlackLSee Price

1. Black Biscuit Youth 3100 Playa Inline Hockey Pants

Black Biscuit Youth 3100 Playa Inline Hockey Pants

This pant is a great choice for young inline ice hockey players. Features a durable, stretchy mesh fabric body for improved mobility and airflow. Moreover, it has a comfortable elastic waistband and an adjustable Sure-Fit II belt system for a proper fit. The patented 4-way stretch technology makes it breathable and comfortable to wear.

2. TronX Venom Inline Hockey Pant

TronX Venom Roller Inline Hockey Pants

If you’re looking for inexpensive and breathable inline hockey pants, look no further. The TronX pants are a great choice for the senior athlete on a budget. Made of ventilated pique fabric, they feature a sixteen-way stretch flex body and 68 variations for the perfect fit. Plus, they have detailed anatomical drawings of muscles that you’ll need to focus on during gameplay.

3. Alkali Revel 2 Senior Inline Hockey Pants

Alkali Revel 2 Senior Inline Hockey Pants

The Alkali Revel 2 pant is constructed with a premium stretch pique body fabric and a ventilated design for superior comfort. The mesh design provides ventilation and a seamless fit, and the fully sublimated graphics allow you to see and hear your opponent without sacrificing the fit. They are also comfortable to wear and feature an elastic waistband with a Sure-Fit II waistband system.

4. Tour Hockey Straight Pants

Tour Hockey Straight Pants

Excellent sports pant line made with lightweight material that offers free movement and a great fit. It has several panels of AIREVECC fabric to allow maximum airflow and quick drying. They also have an integrated gel in the perimeter pad for added comfort. These pants are available in red, black, and silver-grey colors. They are the perfect choice for serious hockey players.

5. Fang Inline Roller Hockey Pant

Fang Pants

These pants boast a high-stretch body, a ventilated design, and an elastic waistband for maximum mobility and airflow. The lightweight, breathable fabric is durable and comfortable, while the sublimated graphics enhance the look. They also provide the durability that you need and look good. These will help you make a statement. Just like your favorite team, you will be a standout in the team.

6. Bauer Vapor X800R Inline Hockey Pants

Bauer Vapor X800R Inline Hockey Pants

Features segmented lightweight fabrics and stretch lycra body panels for comfort and fit. The pants also feature a hydrophobic mesh liner and an adjustable nylon web rip-cord belt system. The lining is made of abrasion-resistant nylon to prevent water absorption. The fit of the pants is secure and comfortable, so you can move freely and stay dry.

7. Labeda PAMA 7.1 Pants

Labeda PAMA 7.1 Trouser

They’re made of durable nylon material and are fully lined to prevent chafing. Also, these are equipped with a kidney guard, a thigh and hip guard, and a spin guard. If you’re a senior player, these are vital choices. And if you’re wondering about a great set of inline hockey pants, look no further. They have everything you need to protect your body and minimize injuries.

8. Under Armour Boys’ Roller Hockey Warm-Up Pant

Under Armour Boys' Roller Hockey Warm Up Pant

For the ultimate roller hockey performance, Under Armour has released this limited version of Boy’s warm-up pants. Crafted using a double-weave fabric, these are water-resistant and breathable, making them the ideal pants for the rink. They also feature stretch construction and side zip pockets to keep players comfortable. The pair of hockey pants are ideal for both the roller and the ice hockey arena.

9. Black Biscuit 3600 Rookie Mesh Pant

Black Biscuit 3600 Rookie Mesh Pant

The “Rookie” mesh inline hockey pants are designed to be worn on and off the ice. These lightweight and breathable pants have biscuit cloth panels along the lower front legs and a new multi-biscuit side stripe design. The pants have an elastic waistband, a cinch belt, and a baggy fit that can easily fit over a hockey girdle.

10. Rink Rat RR Pro V2 Roller Hockey Pants

Rink Rat RR Pro V2 Roller Hockey Pants

These hockey pants are made with nylon fabric that is durable yet breathable. The knee panels have a dual layer and are double-stitched to reduce early rips. Moreover, they are also designed to fit snugly around the body for the most secure fit. They are a must-have for serious roller hockey players. These are great for traveling and can even be used for roller skating.

11. Tour Hockey Adult Spartan XT Inline Hockey Pant

Tour Hockey Adult Spartan XT Inline Hockey Pant

The Tour Hockey Spartan XT pants offer premium performance and value. Featuring a full-motion stretch crotch, the adult version allows for maximum stride extension. The Youth version is also made with multiple breathable panels and WearMax Knee Panels for maximum breathability and protection. The pants also feature a custom fit and a durable, elastic waistband. The pants are durable and comfortable, with a full-length hemline and a flat-front design.

Inline Roller Hockey Pants Size Chart

Inline roller hockey pants size guides help players discover the right fit and comfort on the rink. These trousers are made for movement, protection, and durability. The following sizing chart may assist players in choosing:

Youth Sizes:

  • Youth Small (YS): Waist 22-24 inches, Inseam 18-20 inches
  • Youth Medium (YM): Waist 24-26 inches, Inseam 20-22 inches
  • Youth Large (YL): Waist 26-28 inches, Inseam 22-24 inches

Junior Sizes:

  • Junior Small (JS): Waist 26-28 inches, Inseam 24-26 inches
  • Junior Medium (JM): Waist 28-30 inches, Inseam 26-28 inches
  • Junior Large (JL): Waist 30-32 inches, Inseam 28-30 inches

Senior Sizes:

  • Senior Small (SS): Waist 30-32 inches, Inseam 30-32 inches
  • Senior Medium (SM): Waist 32-34 inches, Inseam 32-34 inches
  • Senior Large (SL): Waist 34-36 inches, Inseam 34-36 inches
  • Senior X-Large (SXL): Waist 36-38 inches, Inseam 36-38 inches
  • Senior XX-Large (SXXL): Waist 38-40 inches, Inseam 38-40 inches

Measure the waist circumference at your natural waistline (typically around your belly button) and the inseam from your crotch to the desired pant length to determine your size. Inline roller hockey trousers should fit tightly to protect the thighs and hips and allow for free mobility. Since pants sizes vary by brand, you must reference the manufacturer’s size chart.

Final Words

These are the best options currently available for roller hockey pants so far. But again, before purchasing one for yourself, make sure these pants have the right amount of padding, while less padded pants do not offer enough protection. They should be flexible, breathable, comfortable to wear, and withstand any weather.

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