How to Select Proper Size Hockey GlovesIn this article, we are going to discuss how to select proper size hockey gloves. Now it has become a little bit confusing because the hockey gloves are based on measurement so usually, you will find a 13 inch, 14 inches, and 15-inch glove in the market and what that used to mean is the glove it actually used to be the length of the hockey glove. Read a guide on how to select best hockey pants.

However, with modern hockey gloves and the cuffs actually being shorter to have better wrist mobility and it is no longer the actual length of it. So previously to get the right hockey glove, you would take your arm to put on your elbow pad and then you would measure the distance from your finger up toward the elbow pad and that would be the goal of your drive because you want to eliminate the break and protection in between the two.

However, now with the different things, the actual measurement of the glove is no longer the same. So there is the way that you can do this as some of the manufacturers will actually have a general chart that will say someone between the size will fall into a certain glove. So from that, you can take your own height. If you are six-foot tall, you should be using the 14 inches or the 15-inch glove.

There is another way to do it which is a little bit more common and easier is you can take a tape measure and take your hand and actually just measure the length of your palm so you can see there if it is around 7 inches or so on, just multiply that by two or you can wrap it around and see the distance of wrapping from there all this to the other side and then know that what will be the size of gloves you wear.


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