When buying a hockey stick, a good thing to consider is its butt end. A puck can get stuck in this part of the stick, and it can also be a penalty to jab an opponent with it. There are various ways to fix this problem, and one of the best options is to purchase a proper plug that will help you in this situation. In this guide, we have briefly reviewed the top 5 hockey stick butts that you can buy without spending too much money.

Best Hockey Stick Butt End Caps Review

1. Mylec Hockey Stick Butt End

Mylec Hockey Stick Butt End

These tiny accessories feature a durable design and are great for both kid’s and adults’ hockey sticks alike. In addition to being inexpensive, these stick end caps are crafted with high-quality materials and come in a pack of six pieces.

2. Proguard Stick Butt End

Proguard Stick Butt End

This hockey stick butt end protects the head of your ice hockey stick, and it fits all standard sticks. It’s made of rubber and measures 2.5 inches long. This is a universal fit and is great for younger players. It also helps players hold their sticks tightly in their gloves. The butt end is a crucial part of your hockey stick and should be well-protected to avoid injuries.

3. Shield Hockey End Caps

Shield Stick Caps

An excellent hockey stick’s butt end is vulnerable to damage, and a replacement safety butt end will keep your hands safe. These caps are shaped to fit any rectangular shaft and fit on all Shield sticks. It’s designed to prevent errant objects from scratching the floor and is compatible with most models. It protects your stick’s butt from scratches and chipping.

4. A&R Sports Hockey Rubber End Plug

A&R Sports Rubber Stick Plug

This mini accessory universally fits all sizes of hockey sticks, making it easy to find the right one for you. Constructed using solid rubber, it is very durable and offers long-lasting performance. It slides on snuggly, holds in place, and protects as designed.

5. Blue Sports Hockey Rubber Butt End

Blue Sport Hockey Rubber Butt End

Lastly, we have a stick butt from Blue Sport that’s made of high-quality synthetic materials and is easy to adjust. Fully sits on most composite sticks. It’s the perfect accessory for your favorite stick that helps prevent slipping it from your hands.

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