If you’re searching for new hockey lockers, you’ve come to the right place. A locker that can accommodate a complete team or a single player is available to buy online and at local sports equipment outlets.

Because lockers are available in a wide range of materials and pricing points, you will want to choose one that not only satisfies your requirements but also improves the appearance of the room.

Before making a purchase choice, you should first consider the required quantity of units, as well as the size and customization of the locker. Safety is an additional aspect that must be taken into consideration.

Choose a locker model that provides privacy if you don’t want to share a room with other players. Let’s take a look at the top five most impressive lockers for hockey players.

Best Hockey Lockers

1. ProStall 2.0 Hockey Locker

ProStall 2.0 Hockey Locker

This is an outstanding self-standing hockey locker that provides a sufficient amount of space for skates, goalie gear, and other personal hockey equipment. It’s constructed of solid Birch Veneer Plywood and has a beautiful edge band as well as a long-lasting urethane finish. The locker has ventilation slots, hooks for skates and other gear, and a wide storage bench for your stuff. It is 72 inches tall, 24 inches wide, and 24 inches deep. Definitely, best value for the money.

2. BYNSOE Metal Hockey Locker

BYNSOE Metal Hockey Locker

The metal locker features a thick iron construction and special surface treatment. This makes the storage cabinet rust and water-resistant and enables magnetic decoration. Besides, the locking mechanism has two keys that prevent the items from falling out or getting lost. Its three independent storage spaces provide ample space for everything you need like for storing hockey helmets, skates, gloves, etc. A separate vertical shelf is also available to make sure you have enough room for storing hockey sticks and goalie leg pads.

3. x600 Hockey Locker

x600 Hockey Locker

If you’re in the market for a new hockey locker and budget is not an issue for you, the X600 hockey locker might be the perfect option. It’s designed for teams of all sizes, including high school, college, and even training facilities. Made of durable, high-traffic maple veneer plywood, and features a large storage bench. Its sturdy construction and easy assembly make it ideal for any club level as well as professional ice hockey team. Moreover, it’s available with a variety of custom options.

4. ACME Single Door Hockey Wardrobe

ACME Single Door Wardrobe

This ACME cargo wardrobe is a sturdy piece of personal hockey gear storage room made of metal. Its front is marked with weight and capacity, but the numbers are purely for aesthetics. The rectangular design of this wardrobe provides a great vertical height so it doesn’t take up much floor space. It has two separate compartments, the bottom one having a metal shelf for catering a pair of skates, helmets, and other protective hockey accessories while the larger upper compartment has a metal bar that hangs clothes and hockey sticks.

5. Hallowell Steel Hockey Locker

Hallowell Steel Wardrobe

Lastly, we have another good steel wardrobe locker from a well-known brand Hallowell. It offers sufficient storage space for clothes, skates, and other personal belongings. This model ships fully assembled and with a master-key-controlled combination padlock. Also, it features multi-point gravity lift latching and louvered doors with continuous piano hinges. The locker’s stainless steel recessed handle reduces vandalism and improves its aesthetic appearance.

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