A hockey visor plays an important part in your protection and performance of the game especially in cold foggy conditions like an ice rink. There are multiple options available in this hockey protective gear on the market but getting the right hockey helmet visor is a real deal to buy that gives its best in every circumstance. Therefore, we have put together the 6 best hockey helmet visors considering multiple factors including built quality, price tag, playing conditions, etc.

Best Hockey Helmet Visors

Top Hockey Helmet Visors

1. CCM VR14 Hockey Helmet Visor

CCM Helmet Visor

When it comes to choosing hockey equipment, you can’t ignore CCM. This hockey visor is a great example of their quality products. The combination of polycarbonate material and anti-shatter films make this visor an automatic choice to buy at this price point. Due to its adjustable design, it fits perfectly on almost every hockey helmet. You get the dual side slots as well as other mounting fixtures along with this CCM visor. 

2. Ronin R9 Hockey Visor

Ronin R9 Hockey Visor

Premium quality hockey visor by Ronin that is pretty durable and features scratch-free structure to offer distortion-free view even under foggy conditions. Its unique cuts on both sides provide better airflow to minimize the dampness in the surroundings. It comes with all the required hardware to mount it on a helmet securely.

3. TronX S40 Hockey Helmet Visor

TronX S40 Hockey Helmet Visor

Excellent visor for the players who do not want their helmets to be scratched off. Easily hooks up where your nose is to vent breathing. It also makes you able to see through 360 degrees. It’s extremely simple to install and clean with a soft piece of cloth. It comes along with all the necessary items to mount on any shape and size of a hockey helmet.

4. Under Armour Hockey Helmet Visor

Under Armour Hockey Visor

This hockey visor is made by following the standard safety guidelines by CSA and HECC so you trust this protective gear. It prevents you from hitting any oncoming hazardous objects towards you. Its special UA visor technology makes sure for a player to have a crystal clear view from side by side. There is an anti-fog coating on the glass to avoid sweat and moisture build-ups. Moreover, its anti-scratch barrier protects you from extreme intense impacts.

5. Oakley Pro Hockey Visor

Oakley Pro Cut Hockey Visor

Another nice hockey helmet visor from Oakley. This model features a unique tinted antifog coating for an uninterrupted view all around and deceiving opponent players and goalies with the unseeable movement of your eyes. As it measures 2.75″ inches in height on the front so probably just covers your eyes but not the full nose area.

6. Avision Ahead Hockey Helmet Visor

Avision Ahead Hockey Helmet Visor

Last but not least in quality and performance at all is the Avision Ahead hockey visor. It features an advanced dual scratch-resistant coating and high impression polycarbonate guard to make it a suitable choice for any scale of the game. Ideal for improved vision to get leverage over opponents in agility skills. Also, it adjusts on any junior and senior hockey helmet quite comfortably.


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