If your kids love playing ice hockey, then now it’s time to get them some beautiful hockey gifts to motivate them and improve their hockey skills on the ice rink. In this guide, we are going to introduce you to some of the unique hockey gifts for kids so let’s have a quick look at them. Also, check out the other unique hockey gifts.

Hockey Gifts For Kids

Top Hockey Gifts For Kids

1. Kids Folding Hockey Goal Set

Folding Hockey Goal Set For Kids

This hockey goal set is very helpful to teach your children how to play hockey from the very early stage of their life at home. It is easy to assemble and dismantle this goal. The set includes two kids hockey sticks, two hockey goals, one street hockey ball, and two foam knee hockey balls. The goal has dimensions of 24 x 19 x 19 inches.

2. Then & Wow Hockey

Hockey History Book

It’s a great book to let your kid know about how hockey has been evolved from the early 19th century to the modern game of hockey as of today. In simple words, it tells you and everything about hockey like hockey equipment used then and now, historical hockey matches, stories about famous players, and much more.

3. Hockey Player 3D Lamp

Hockey Player 3D Night Lamp

This is a unique gift for your kids on winning their school hockey championship. It has a 3D illusion light that looks fantastic in the nighttime.

4. NHL Matching Card Game

NHL Matching Card Game For Kids

It features one of your favorite team’s graphics on the cards and is also great to examine your knowledge about the game of hockey. Ideal for kids age 3 and above.

5. NHL Board Game For Kids

Fastrack NHL Board Game

This board game consists of ten pucks that you have to push all of them with your fingers to the opponent’s goal side to win the game. Two players can play the game at a time and are suitable for kids aged 4-13.

6. NHL Hockey Guys

NHL Hockey Guys Rangers Vs Bruins

This set of hockey guys helps your kids to spend some creative and fun time with friends. The package includes 2 teams with a total of 14 players, 1 referee, 2 goals, 1 puck, 1 26”x18” ice-like court surface, 10 rink wall pieces to form the rink, 1 instruction booklet with basic rules and strategy, and 1 10”x6”x5” storage box.

7. Hockey Theme Printed Pajama Set

Long Sleeve Printed Pajama

This pajama set is made of 100% premium quality cotton and features beautiful hockey graphics on the exterior. It is very soft to touch, allergic-free, and machine washable. Your kids will really love sleeping in this dress. Sizes available for the kid’s age 2-10.

8. Foam Mini Hockey Balls

Mini Hockey Balls

Perfect for kids to practice hockey safely at home. There is a total of 6 balls in the package and all are of different colors so your kid will love these mini hockey balls.

9. Kids Hockey Socks

Best kids hockey socks

These are the ideal socks for your kids to get rid of getting blisters on the ice. They also help maintain your foot temperature to the normal temperature level while playing hockey. More durable and built for long-term use.

10. Kids Hockey Stick Pencils

Hockey Stick Pencils

One of the best hockey gifts for kids. They come in a pack of 24 pieces and consist of different colored erasers in the form of hockey blades. Rather than using them as regular pencils, your kids will also love playing table hockey with them.

11. Hockey Bag for Kids

Hockey Bag for Children

Your kid is gonna love this bag that is featuring a hilarious hockey theme exterior. Whether put toys, hockey equipment in it or use it as a school bag, this is up to them how the bag makes them happy.

Other Hockey Gift Ideas For Kids

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