Selecting the best field hockey gifts is not as complicated as in the case of ice hockey. Because there’s not much and limited stuff available on the market. In this guide, we have prepared a precise list of unique and fun gift ideas for true field hockey lovers.

Best Field Hockey Gifts

1. Mouthguard

Field Hockey Mouthguard Gift

Safeguard your teeth against any sudden mouth injuries during training or playing field hockey. Flexible yet quite durable. It comes in various vibrant colors and is one size fits all. Definitely, it’s a thoughtful gift idea for professional as well as recreational players.

2. Field Hockey Necklace

Field Hockey Necklace Gift

This necklace features an elegant hockey and ball design. Nice crystal finish that gives it a shiny look. Backed by a long lead-free chain. It’s a wonderful piece of jewelry for girls (daughters, sisters, moms, and girlfriends) who are into field hockey.

3. Field Hockey Rebound Board

Rebound Board Gift

When you have no access or time to go to the hockey field, this rebound board plays a very important role. Due to its portable design, you can easily carry it anywhere. It is simple to install on grass, a concrete floor, or any other place where you feel comfortable practicing field hockey drills. Every time a ball bounces back after hitting it.

4. Field Hockey Knuckle Glove

Knuckle Glove

Gifting a glove is another wise gift idea for field hockey players and fans. It’s made of Spandex and polyurethane materials, so it’s extremely lightweight and durable. The hard knuckle shell saves your hand from severe injuries. Adjustable fastening mechanism.

5. Pom Pom Beanies

Pom Pom Beanies

Simply splendid pom beanies for women have a cute field hockey monogram on the front. It’s 100% acrylic, so stay warm and cozy wearing it in the winter. Safe to hand and machine wash.

6. Field Hockey Stud Earrings

Field Hockey Stud Earrings

Whether she is a young girl or a mature woman, these stud earrings are going to look equally beautiful. So buy these amazing field hockey earrings as a birthday, graduation, or anniversary gift for the most special women in your life who are sports enthusiasts.

7. Fieldhockey Mouthguard Case

Field Hockey Mouthguard Case

Keeps your mouthguard safe and secure. A well-crafted case that doesn’t open on its own. There is a carabiner and keying for easy holding along with your keys. Many beautiful colors are available to choose from. The chick with stick design makes a cute gift for kids and junior field hockey lovers.

8. Field Hockey Scrunchie

Field Hockey Scrunchie

If your little girl is interested in playing or watching field hockey, she will definitely love this hair tie. It’s soft, stretchable, and holds hair nicely.

9. Field Hockey Charm Bracelet

Field Hockey Charm Bracelet

Magnificent handcrafted charm bracelet It’s a cheap and wise gift for passionate field hockey guys and girls.

10. Field Hockey Coach Keychain

Field Hockey Coach Keychain Gifts

Lastly, we have a fantastic stainless steel keychain that has a nice statement engraved on the charm: “A great coach is hard to find and impossible to forget”. This makes it an excellent Thanksgiving present for field hockey coaches.

More Field Hockey Gift Ideas

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