Buying the right socks will help you avoid injuries from shin sprains and blisters. In addition to helping you to stay protected from the various injuries that occur from the game, these socks are inexpensive and will last for several seasons. If you’re interested in purchasing the best field hockey socks, check out the below list of shin pad-supportive field hockey socks to find the right pair for you. The next time you’re shopping for hockey socks, don’t forget to check the size of the sock.

Best Field Hockey Socks

Top Field Hockey Socks Review

Elite Hockey SocksLycra, Active Fabric, RubberGreen, Red, Pink, Black..Small, MediumSee Price
Under Armour Field Hockey SockPolyester, SpandexWhite, BlackMediumSee Price
Hockey Shipper SocksCotton, PolyesterMulti-colorSmall, Medium, LargeSee Price
STX Rash Guard SockPolyesterBlackOne SizeSee Price
Adidas Boy's/Girl's Hockey SocksSpandex, PolyesterGrey, Black, White, MixMedium, LargeSee Price
zechy Hockey Crew SocksCottonBlack, WhiteSmall, Medium, LargeSee Price
Harrow Field Hockey SockNylon, Cotton, Spandex, PolyesterNavy, White, BlackSmall, Medium, LargeSee Price
Swiftwick 360° Cut-Resistant SocksBreathable MeshBlackSmall, Medium, Large, X-LargeSee Price
ChalkTalkSPORTS Crew SocksSpandex, Polyester, Nylon, Rubber,Multi-colorSmall, Medium, Large, X-LargeSee Price
TCK Krazisox Over The Calf Hockey SocksPolypropylene, Lycra, Nylon, ElasticBlue, Yellow, Pink, Orange Small, Medium, LargeSee Price

1. Elite Hockey Pro-Liner Kee Socks

Elite Hockey Pro-Liner Kee Socks

These are high-tech tube socks for field hockey players made of a combination of premium active fabric and Lycra fiber. They are extremely durable and provide extreme comfort while you are in the field. The cuff is double-welted, which creates the feel of the second layer of the sock. They have an ultra-flat toe seam for an unmatched comfort zone. Available in a variety of beautiful colors, including yellow, green, blue, orange, and more.

2. Under Armour Youth Resistor 3.0 Crew Sock

Under Armour Youth Resistor 3.0 Crew Socks

Amazing socks for young athletes These athletic socks are made from durable materials that will last a long time. As a popular sports brand, Under Armour has been focusing on improving its products for decades, and the youth line is no exception. These are some of the best field hockey socks you can buy for your child’s needs. There are two colors to choose from: black and white.

3. Hockey Shipper Knit Socks

Hockey Shipper Knit Socks

Whether your kid is learning how to play hockey or you’re a seasoned veteran, hockey socks are essential for the right footwear. Constructed from a blend of high-grade polyester and cotton, these knit socks offer the best in performance and comfort. Designed for all levels of hockey players, they come in sizes ranging from twenty inches to twenty-four inches. The short tabs on the back of the socks are easy to pull on and off.

4. STX Field Hockey Rash Guard Sock

STX Field Hockey Rash Guard Sock

These are lightweight and breathable shin pad-compatible socks crafted with high-performance fabrics. Their no-seam design prevents foot sweating and keeps the shin pad in place. They come in a black color that universally perfectly fits with most uniforms, and ultimately, they will look awesome when you wear them! These are easy to pull on and off, and they are worth the money.

5. Adidas Kid’s Cushioned Hockey Socks

Adidas Kid's Cushioned Socks

The newest offering from Adidas is the kid’s cushioned crew hockey sock. These moisture-wicking socks are made with a soft yarn that wicks away moisture, leaving feet dry and comfortable. The triple stripes on the heel and toe offer a classic look while minimizing foot fatigue. Also, these socks are machine washable and feature a padded heel and toe.

6. Zechy Hockey Compression Socks

Zechy Hockey Compression Socks

A hockey sock that is stylish and durable is essential for elite performance. A sock can help support blood circulation, reduce muscle fatigue, and look good in field hockey shoes. Zechy, a manufacturer with a good working relationship with the business, is the maker of this sock. To make sure that your sock fits snugly, you should read consumer feedback on Amazon. The average rating of the product is 4.89, which indicates that it’s a good choice.

7. Harrow Field Hockey Socks

Harrow Field Hockey Socks

Splendid socks that are designed with high-function comfort in mind These have reinforced heels and are machine-washable. They should not be bleached or dry-cleaned. They can also be ironed. To maintain their look, you should keep them clean and dry. They should be laundered on a low setting at a low temperature.

8. Swiftwick HOCKEY Cut-Resistant Sock

Swiftwick Cut-Resistant Socks

One of the best field hockey socks that you can wear in extremely cold conditions They are fabricated using breathable mesh material that makes them fully moisture-wicking, allows them to offer a cushioned toe and heel, and provides non-slip ankle support. Designed to prevent lacerations from cleats while keeping you comfortable and protected from injury, They come in different sizes.

9. ChalkTalkSPORTS Custom Team Number Socks

ChalkTalkSPORTS Custom Team Number Hockey Socks

These custom team number socks feature air-circulating ventilation and moisture-wicking technology for dry and comfortable feet. These sports socks come in women’s sizes from 6 to 11 and men’s sizes from five to eleven. Each pair of socks includes one team-specific number. The knitting process may cause slight differences in size and color, but the quality is guaranteed. The socks will be made with pride by the ChalkTalkSPORTS team and will make you proud to be a part of it.

10. TCK Krazisox Women’s Neon Field Hockey Socks

TCK Krazisox Women's Neon Field Hockey Socks

Lastly, we have fun over-the-calf hockey socks that are crafted with the latest technology. Their lightweight, seamless construction eliminates the seam across the toes to allow hockey players to run fast during games. The unique moisture control technology helps keep the feet cool, preventing blisters and odor. Double-welt toes provide comfort and durability.

Selecting Best Field Hockey Socks

Material: Ideal socks are made of a blend of polyester and cotton materials, which provide a comfortable fit and great durability. This material blend is also breathable, so you won’t have to worry about them causing damage to your skin. You can choose from a variety of styles and colors, ranging from white to black.

Size: The most important feature when choosing the best field hockey socks is the size. Some socks are meant to be worn with shin guards, and you should choose the correct size. However, some socks are designed to be worn without a shin guard, so you may need to purchase an extra pair. To find the right size, check the label on the product. You should not pay more than $20 for the socks.

Brand: When shopping for field hockey socks, it’s best to look for a brand that has been in the industry for a long time. They are excellent for the intended purpose and are a great value for the money. Also, they offer great features at an affordable price, such as moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties, cushioned soles, ankle and arch support, and odor and blister control.

Final Words

There you have our top picks for outstanding field hockey socks, and we hope you find at least one fine pair out of them for yourself. Summarizing it, a quality pair of socks will be comfortable and offer support to the shin. While these socks are also suitable for practice, try to get socks that match the other members of the team. This way, your socks will match your uniform perfectly too.

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