You’ll want to find the best field hockey shoes for your budget. A sturdy pair of cleats that won’t sag, but you don’t want to invest in an uncomfortable pair of trainers. You may prefer a pair that is cushioned and rugged.

To get the best fit, you’ll need to break in the shoes by wearing them around the house. You’ll also want to have a shoe with good traction, which means you’ll be playing on slippery fields.

Well, for optimal performance, choose a pair that has a strong, flexible outsole. The field hockey shoes should be lightweight and durable. Despite their high price, they’ll last you for the entire season. They’ll help you stay on the pitch and can even be purchased from sports stores.

A quality pair will last a long time and will also provide traction and comfort. If you’re looking for an affordable pair of field hockey shoes, you should opt for an Adidas or Kookaburra brand.

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Best Field Hockey Shoes

Best Field Hockey Shoes

ModelIdeal ForSizePrice
Adidas Unisex-Adult LUXConcrete4-12.5See Price
ASICS Gel-Lethal MP7Grass/Turf6-12See Price
Grays Burner Hockey CleatsConcrete/Turf6.5-13See Price
ASICS Gel Typhoon 3Concrete/Turf6-11See Price
Under Armour Women's FinisherGrass/Turf5.5-11See Price
Joma Men's LIGA 5 CleatsConcrete/Grass/Turf11.5See Price
LEOCI Rubber Stud Kid's ShoeConcrete/Grass/Turf4-12See Price
ASICS GEL-BK Heath 5Concrete7.5See Price
Adidas Mundial TeamGrass/Turf4-14See Price
Adidas Women's Ligra 7 ShoeConcrete5-14See Price

Top Field Hockey Shoe Brands

Addidas: Adidas Field Hockey Shoes come with the famous Gel-Lethal technology. This technology provides a firm grip and is ideal for sudden sprints or cuts. These shoes are flexible and feature a padded collar for a comfortable fit. The gel-infused design helps protect big feet and is perfect for novices and experts alike. The gel-infused uppers are lightweight, flexible, and cushioned for optimal comfort.

Asics: It’s another popular brand of field hockey shoes. Their lightweight and reliable construction make them an excellent choice for turf play. While Asics makes cross-training footwear, it also produces the best field hockey shoes. Those with high-performance athletic shoes should invest in a pair of Asics. The company is widely regarded as the best designer of field hockey shoes. This shoe is considered to be the most comfortable, lightweight, and durable for a long time.

Grays: If you’re looking for a pair of shoes for your elite players, you should consider purchasing a pair made by Grays. The brand has been in the hockey shoe market for more than 50 years, and they have a huge selection of field hockey shoes. You’ll love the durability, style, and color options of these athletic sneakers.

How to Choose the Best Field Hockey Shoes

  • When it comes to buying a pair of the best field hockey shoes, it is important to consider what type of surface you play on. For example, the grass is not as hard on your feet as concrete, so you’ll want to choose a pair of shoes with a low heel. This will reduce stumbling and tripping hazards on the field.
  • If you prefer playing on artificial surfaces, you should select a pair of field hockey shoes that have cleats.
  • Field hockey shoes must have enough padding in the heel and toe to protect your feet and reduce stress on your knees and legs.
  • Pay special attention to the amount of protection around the toes. This is a crucial area when choosing the best field hockey shoes.
  • Consider your player’s needs. Are you a junior or senior? Select a pair accordingly.
  • A good pair of field hockey shoes will give you the maximum grip on muddy surfaces.
  • A properly fitted shoe will not only help you play field hockey but also prevent blisters.

After considering these factors, you can now move on to choosing the perfect pair of field hockey shoes.

1. Adidas Unisex LUX Field Hockey Shoes

Adidas Unisex LUX Field Hockey Shoes

The Adidas Unisex Adult LUX Field Hockey Shoe is an excellent option for players who want the most grip and stability on the field. Its durable design allows for rapid movement on the field. A TPU outsole delivers superior grip and durability on the field. Despite its durability, it is light and comfortable enough to wear for a long time. It’s comfortable and supportive material upper makes it a great choice for any level of hockey player.

Key Features

  • Its rubber outsole helps keep sand out
  • The perforated insole makes it comfortable and durable
  • It comes with a removable sock liner

2. ASICS Women’s MP7 Turf Shoes

ASICS Women's MP7 Turf Shoes

The LETHAL MP 7 turf shoe is made of synthetic leather with a pivot point on the bottom of the sole. This design is built for excellent traction on artificial surfaces and features GEL cushioning for exceptional comfort and cushioning. It’s an ideal choice for any woman who is looking for a great training shoe for her next training session. The upper of the LETHAL MP 7 is constructed with synthetic leather, and the synthetic-and-mesh rubber sole is complemented by GEL cushioning and is ideal for the purpose.

Key Features

  • It features a molded EVA midsole that enables a stable foot strike
  • It fits comfortably and keeps the feet moisture-free
  • The best value for the money

3. Grays Burner Field Hockey Shoes

Grays Burner Cleats

These are a great choice for serious field hockey players. They are built for extreme speed and agility, and they are made with Impluse+ technology and a lightweight Ventex upper. This shoe is designed with an All Surface Traction sole unit that provides superb traction on both synthetic and water-based surfaces. It also features a new and improved All Surface Traction midsole and a low-profile midsole.

Key Features

  • Ideal for playing on the grass or turf
  • Extremely lightweight yet durable
  • Great for hockey players who have wide feet

4. ASICS Gel Typhoon 3 Men’s Hockey Cleats

ASICS Gel Typhoon 3 Men's Hockey Shoes

The ASICS Gel-Hockey Typhoon 3 is an innovative hockey shoe designed for stability on turf. Its springy midsole and GEL(TM) technology provide optimal cushioning for rapid acceleration and quick direction changes. These shoes have a molded high-grip outsole, an improved pivot point, and a patented Trusstic System, which reinforces the middle portion of the outsole to prevent excessive twisting.

Key Features

  • Its removable EVA sock liner keeps the foot fluffy and comfortable
  • Lightweight and aggressive shoes
  • GEL cushioning system offers a smooth ride

5. Under Armour Finisher Turf Hockey Shoes

Under Armour Finisher Turf Cleats

These turf hockey shoes are made of durable synthetic and cotton fiber with an EVA midsole. They have an inner bootie and a lace-up closure for maximum comfort. The synthetic upper is made of quick-drying fabric with foil overlays that provide additional lateral support. The added stability is achieved with the Traxion outsole and the flex-free technology. Moreover, the upper mesh design helps keep feet cool, while the molded ankle collar offers extra protection and comfort.

Key Features

  • Unique shock-absorption forefoot gel cushioning system
  • Padded collar and sock liner to minimize pressure while playing hockey
  • Water-resistant field hockey cleats

6. Joma Men’s LIGA 5 Turf Hockey Shoes

Joma Men's LIGA 5 Turf Hockey Shoes

Perfect turf hockey shoes for players who are not afraid of playing on a muddy, wet field. Designed with a soft leather upper and synthetic leather overlays for enhanced comfort, this pair is lightweight and breathable. They also feature an Exploweave sole for better traction on the ground. It is one of the most comfortable shoes on the market, and many customers have expressed their satisfaction with the quality of this shoe.

Key Features

  • The PULSOR offers the best support for the knees
  • Its unique Phylon midsole provides better stability and a low profile for the feet
  • The toe cap is made of natural EVA for enhanced shock-absorbing qualities

7. LEOCI Junior Hockey Shoes

LEOCI Kid's Hockey Shoes

The LEOCI Kid’s Hockey Shoes are a high-quality option for young players who want to play the game without the usual limitations. These skates feature a stretchable inward sock for a glove-like fit. The elastic outsole is responsive and durable. A half-sock construction improves comfort and traction, while a breathable mesh upper allows for easy ventilation and flexing of the foot.

Key Features

  • Designed to play in wet conditions
  • Air vents to keep the feet dry and moisture-free
  • Durable enough to survive the roughest of surfaces

8. ASICS Women’s GEL-BK 5 Hockey Shoe

ASICS Women's GEL-BK Heath 5 Field Hockey Shoe

These GEL-BK Heats 5 cleats are designed for tough field hockey enthusiasts. They have a synthetic leather upper and a rugged rubber outsole. The gel cushioning offers decent impact absorption. The mesh lining and laces are durable and provide extra comfort. Another good budget-friendly option for young girls and women who play in the cold. It has a lightweight synthetic upper and is made of natural, sustainable materials. The sole is grippy, and the overall comfort is great.

Key Features

  • It has a rearfoot GEL cushioning system for enhanced stability
  • The raised gradient heels reduce pressure on the lower limbs
  • It’s TRAXION outsole provides traction and reduces pain

9. Adidas Men’s Mundial Turf Hockey Shoes

Adidas Men's Mundial Team Turf Hockey Shoes

The Men’s Mundial Team Turf Hockey shoes have an aerodynamic design and multi-studded rubber soles for excellent traction on natural and artificial surfaces. These shoes have a padded collar and toe, a synthetic upper with a lace-up closure, and a water-resistant midsole. The Traxion cleats provide a firm grip. The breathable mesh upper helps keep the feet cool and comfortable.

Key Features

  •  Rubber studs provide good traction and eliminate the risk of slipping
  • Featuring water-resistant upper and padded ankle collars
  • A protective toe cap shields your toe from ball hits

10. Adidas Women’s Ligra 7 Field Hockey Cleat

Adidas Women's Ligra 7 Field Hockey Shoe

Lastly, we have Adidas women’s Ligra 7 field hockey shoes, which are made from synthetic leather with a mesh upper. They also have supportive overlays for stability. The shoes are made from recycled materials and contain 50% Primegreen. The outsole is also made from multidirectional rubber. The shoe is laced up and has an EVA midsole. They can be found at all leading sporting goods stores.

Key Features

  • The shoe also comes with a waterproof membrane
  • Synthetic leather reinforcements and cushioned midsoles ensure stability
  • Designed to keep the feet dry and protected


There you have the best field hockey shoes for men and women currently available on the market. All of them are great and have similar qualities, with the exception of slightly different features from one another. We mean to say that no matter what kind of player you are, your preferences, and your style of play, you are certainly going to find the best field hockey cleats for yourself!

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