There are many different brands of field hockey grips on the market today, and it is important for hockey players to choose the ones that work best for them.

Comfort and hold on the stick should be two of the things that a good set of hockey grips has. Choose a pair that is made so that you can move the stick with less effort and less drag.

In this guide, we’ve given a quick look at the 10 best grips for field hockey sticks. Each one is well-made, works well for a long time, and doesn’t cost too much.

Best Field Hockey Grips

1. GRYPHON Field Hockey Soft Grip

GRYPHON Field Hockey Soft Grip

Excellent stick grip that not only feels great in your hands but also keeps your hands and gloves in better shape. It already has glue on it, so when you put it on your stick, it will stick right away.

This grip also has a system that reduces the amount of vibration caused when the ball hits the grip. Because of this, it will be much easier for you to hit the ball accurately and keep it under control.

It also doesn’t get wet or stink when you sweat. Ultimately it feels great in your hands and works well when it’s wet.

2. TK Chamois Field Hockey Grip

TK Chamois Grip

Players who often play on fields that are damp or wet may consider purchasing the TK chamois grip. This grip is very comfortable and remains firm even when wet.

It’s easy to install and is great for giving a great grip on your hockey stick. To install it, you should remove your old grip and place the chamois one over it.

3. Mazon Cushion Plus Field Hockey Grip

Mazon Cushion Plus Field Hockey Grip

The dimpled surface of the Mazon grip helps to reduce vibrations that may be experienced in the hands. The dimpled surface makes it easier for players to maintain control of their fingers.

In addition, the cushioned surface makes it easier for players to maintain their grip, especially while they are sweating.

The hockey grip is crafted from high-quality materials, and the company that developed it is aware of how critical it is to have a good grip on the field hockey stick.

4. Raquex Cushion PU Grip

Raquex Cushion PU Grip

A grip that is very gripping, comfortable, and absorbent, making it ideal for use with all different kinds of field hockey sticks. It is self-adhesive, and it is available in extra-long lengths, both of which ensure that you will have a secure hold on your stick.

Setting up this mini accessory is a breeze. It is composed of high-quality material and looks just like the real thing.

Additionally, it offers your glove a higher level of comfort and is an excellent replacement for cloth tape. It comes in a variety of attractive plain colors, including black, yellow, and pink, among several others.

5. Karakal Stick Grip

Karakal Field Hockey Stick Grip

Another magnificent grip that will prevent your stick from slipping, so ideal to utilize it. This is made from a special PU material engineered for maximum grip.

The inclusion of Nano-Tech in its formulation results in a considerable improvement in gripping force as well as durability and comfort.

This distinctive field hockey grip is available in a variety of colors and designs.

6. Osaka Soft Touch Field Hockey Grip

Osaka Soft Touch Grip

The Osaka grip is made of materials that are as soft as velvet to give you the best grip possible in wet and slippery conditions. Its design is embossed with the Osaka name.

It’s perforated, which helps make it less likely to slip. Featuring a new range called AeroCore, which is full of cutting-edge technology that makes it feel smooth and upscale.

This grip stands out from the rest because of how eye-catching it looks and how well it works. This is a good choice for players with different levels of skill.

7. GRYPHON Chubby Field Hockey Grip

GRYPHON Chubby Field Hockey Grip

To provide a safe and comfortable grip on the stick, the Gryphon Chubby is constructed with high-quality materials.

Because of its increased thickness, eliminates the need for multiple grips and keeps the stick in the hands better.

In addition, it features a cushiony backside and a tape thickness that gradually decreases as it gets closer to the end so that it won’t slide.

8. GRIBBID Field Hockey Stick Grip

GRIBBID Field Hockey Stick Grip

Any person who plays hockey should have the GRIBBID field hockey stick grip since it is an essential piece of equipment.

During games, it gives improved control and handling, particularly for attacking players.

Because of its Hi-Soft texture, it offers optimal shock absorption, which means that it reduces the impact that is felt when a stick is hit. It’s long-lasting and can withstand many months of use.

9. Shammy Shack Chamois Stick Grip

Shammy Shack Chamois Stick Grip

The Shammy Shack is a fantastic option to consider if you are hunting for a grip that will adapt to the shape of your stick and prevent slippage.

This overgrip has a soft, comfortable feel, and it’s quite effective at absorbing water.

The fact that it enables players to personalize their sticks without affecting their efficiency has made it popular among hockey players from all over the world.

In addition, it will prevent sweating and discomfort in the players’ hands when they are holding onto the stick.

10. Mercian Field Hockey Supersoft Grip

Mercian Field Hockey Supersoft Grip

The super soft grip offers players a pleasant and secure hold on the stick. It comes in a number of different colors and has good shock-absorbing capabilities.

Also, the length of this grip may be simply adjusted, and it is quite simple to attach to a stick. Your stick and gloves will benefit greatly from the addition of this item.

This grip is an ideal substitute for new sticks as well as sticks that have been used before.

Final Words

This was our take on the best field hockey stick grip. Again we will say that the right grip can help you control the ball and make more accurate shots, which will ultimately make you a better player.

Spending a little money on a grip will help prolong the life span of an expensive field hockey stick.

Having a good grip can make the difference between scoring goals and losing them. It also helps you keep control of the stick and keeps you from getting hurt when you hit the ball.

But most importantly, while going for a final purchase for a grip, you also need to think about the different angles your hand will be at while you play.


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