Field hockey backpacks are made to hold all of your gear so you can play and train with your team. They are designed to carry everything you need during a game and leave your hands free for high-fives before and after the game. Backpacks are available for both new and experienced players, and they come in a variety of styles and price ranges. Many of them have adjustable straps and extra compartments for your important equipment such as gloves, shin pads, water bottles, and more. In this brief review, we have put together the 5 best hockey backpacks to cater to every player’s hockey equipment.

Best Field Hockey Backpacks

Top Field Hockey Backpacks

HarrowPolyester13 x 10 x 19Black/Navy/RedSee Price
Sweep Field HockeyNylon/Polyester16 x 11 x 09Multi-colorSee Price
STXMesh/Polyester19 x 15 x 09BlackSee Price
GRAYSPolyester‎20 x 13 x 03Black/GreenSee Price
OboKnit polyester‎25 x 20 x 08Green/BlackSee Price

1. Harrow Stick Havoc Hockey Backpack

Harrow Stick Havoc Field Hockey Backpack

A high-quality backpack that can accommodate everything required for field hockey. There is plenty of room for mouthguards, elbow pads, cleats, and goggles. The stick may slip over the side of the bag and fit in the main compartment. It will protect and secure your goods with its strengthened straps and stick pass-through. Finally, this bag can carry a soccer ball, which is useful for field hockey practice.

2. Sweep Field Hockey Youth Backpack

Sweep Field Hockey Youth Backpack

The Sweep’s field hockey backpack is made to be light and easy to carry. It has an ergonomic back strap, an air-mesh padded back, and an adjustable hip belt. This bag has a place for sticks that can be accessed from the outside, two other compartments, and a side net for a water bottle. A separate shoe compartment keeps dirty shoes apart from clean shoes. It also has mesh pockets for small items and air holes that make it easy to get to things.

3. STX Aerial Field Hockey Backpack

STX Aerial Backpack

The STX Aerial backpack was designed with the athlete in mind. It has padded straps and a back that allows air to flow, a huge compartment that can hold all of your gear as well as wet stuff, and a separate pocket for your shoes. In addition, there are two accessory pockets incorporated for the purpose of keeping various additional vital goods. This backpack comes equipped with everything you need to have a successful game. It will keep you organized and protect your equipment from damage.

4. Grays GR500 Field Hockey Backpack

Grays GR500 Field Hockey Backpack

This backpack is an amazing buy for your field hockey stuff thanks to its space-saving design and generous capacity for carrying gear. Its mesh cushioning and the front pocket with the zipper provide protection for your valuables, making the front pocket ideal for easy access to smaller items. Adjustable shoulder straps and a stick sleeve add a final touch. It contains everything you want for a game that will live long in your memory.

5. Obo Roll Down Backpack

Obo Roll Down Field Hockey Backpack

The Obo Roll Down backpack has enough room for 1 to 4 sticks, as well as a ball and a mouth guard. You can also bring clothing and a hat for added protection. It’s also designed to hold gloves, protective pads, and other equipment. The bag even features room for your water bottle. For players with gloves, this bag is extremely useful. While it’s not essential for you to purchase a field hockey stick backpack, it will make the job a lot easier.

Final Words

Summarising our thoughts on the best field hockey backpacks, there are bags for every budget offered by popular brands. The price is different for each style, size, and set of features and can range from $25 to $99. A simple backpack can cost anywhere from $20 to $50, and a bag with wheels will be more expensive. Some models have separate spaces for sticks, pockets with zippers, and steps for where to put the sticks. There are backpacks that come with extras like whistles, ball markers, and other ice hockey gear. Some even have places for your helmets and water bottles. So you will certainly find the right backpack for your valuable field hockey gear.

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