We are talking about the CCM Super Tacks Team hockey stick so starting us off with shaft dimensions, we have squared corners and straight sidewalls, offering that traditional feel in the hands that is optimized for maximum control.

CCM Super Tacks Team Stick

CCM Super Tacks Team Stick


For the materials and construction, this is a nice upgrade from what we see in the CCM 9360 stick because it uses that full C6 carbon fiber weave and also the new carbon matrix technology which is an advanced layering process that allows them to reduce a significant amount of weight without compromising the overall strength and durability.

Kick Point

The entire Super Tacks line is geared for that super-powerful maximum velocity shooter that likes to take a little extra time to load up the stick so you can totally blast it past the goalie. But this year on this CCM Team stick, they did optimize it to help a hockey player take a little less time and effort to get that maximum shot off, really helping to keep up the fast-paced game with this super powerful stick.


Into the blade, this is where we see their reinforced ascent blade 2 core sewn through the heel and in the toe, which is the most common wear and tear area on your blade, they went ahead and reinforced those key aspects.

The ascent internal core is very lightweight but also very structurally sound. When you’re taking those super-powerful shots, your blade tends to want to twist and torque; sometimes that’s where you fire a puck over the net, and that’s where you lose accuracy. So with that extra strength and stiffness in there, it’s going to prevent that.

C6 Carbon Fiber

It features a C6 carbon fiber weave in the blade to remove weight from the bottom portion of the stick, giving you a better-balanced feel in the hands and making the stick feel a little bit lighter than it actually is. Also, it does have that textured pro-style finish on there too.


In the senior 85 flex, it weighs about 445 grams. With that new balance point, it does feel a little bit lighter, maybe in the 430-gram category. This is a really great hockey stick for players who are looking for maximum shot power who don’t want to break the bank but don’t want to sacrifice performance too.


They offer a ton of great value at this mid-price point and then, of course for the looks, we really like what they’re doing with this entire line, bringing in that electric yellow and also adding a little bit of camo if you couldn’t see it.

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