The CCM Super Tacks AS3 hockey stick squared corners straight sidewalls offering excellent control especially when you’re taking those big powerful shots without compromising any comfort.

CCM Super Tacks AS3 Stick Review

C6 Carbon Fiber

It features a fused two-piece utilizing their c6 carbon fiber weave. This has been a staple in CCM’s arsenal for quite some time really nice and lightweight but does a great job of transferring that energy so hockey players get every ounce of power that they put into the stick.

X-Flow Resin

Also, they are using their x flow resin system that’s essentially the glue that binds the carbon fiber together and this is a nice advanced material big upgrade from what we see in the CCM Team stick because it provides that new shot pop a little bit longer.

When you take a stick out for the first time, it has that sip on it that just can’t be replicated. This helps to extend that a little bit longer. It’s also a bit more durable helping to prevent any premature breakage too.

Kick Point

For the kick point, this is their ultra-powerful optimized mid-kick point so ideal for players who like to take a little extra time to load up on their shots so they can really zip it past the goalie. This year they went ahead and optimized it that requires a little less effort and time.

Because the game of hockey eventually and always speeds up, these kick points do take a little bit longer to load so really helping to keep up players with the pace of today’s game.


Into the blade core, this is where we see another serious upgrade with ACU4 X-Stiff Blade core and also that c6 carbon fiber. The ACU4 X-Stiff blade core is a really nice high-quality internal construction that offers some really great feel for the puck enhances that connection between your hands and the puck so you know where it’s sitting at all times.

It’s also nice and durable so it’s not going to break down kind of similar to what we find in that X-flow resin doing the same thing for your blade but of course going to be nice and durable to prevent any chipping and cracking especially with the reinforced outer edges. It does have that texture pro-style feel on the face and backhand too.


Now for the weight, in the senior 85 flex, this is 425 grams which is a big jump down in weight compared to that Team hockey stick. It has a really great feel in the hands very nice and balanced.

Just a couple of years ago, this would have been one of the lightest mid-kick sticks on the market so really great to see that they’re not just upgrading your top line stick but also every stick also included in the line and this is no exception.


We like the graphics this year. Some people might not be the biggest fan of it and there’s sure going to be a lot but it has a nice electric yellow a big update from that kind of more traditional standard yellow. Also, we like the hit of blue a little bit different for this tacks line, and then overall really like how they included a little hit of camouflage texture in through the center too.

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