Here we are to do a review on the new CCM Super Tacks 9360 hockey stick. Starting off with shaft dimensions, this entire line showcases a square dimension so that’s square corners and straight sidewalls really optimized for complete control when you’re taking those big slapshots and one-timer.

CCM Super Tacks 9360 Stick Review

CCM Super Tacks 9360 Hockey Stick


It’s featuring a fused two-piece utilizing a heavy-duty cost-effective blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass so it really does do a good job of still maintaining a really good level of performance at this opening price point.

kick point

The CCM Super Tacks 9360 stick has a  super-powerful mid-kick point so ideal for those players that are looking to just totally blast it past the goalie with pure shot speed so really for those players that like to take a little extra time to load up their shot for maximum velocity.


Into the blade core, this is where we see their ultra attack frame core which is the stiffest that CCM offers that’s because when you’re taking those big powerful shots your blade tends to twist and torque that’s when you lose accuracy so maintaining that really nice pinpoint precision. we have that carbon fiber glass blend extending into the blade again helping to provide some great performance for that entry-level recreational player.


As far as the weight goes, In the senior 85 flex, this is 500 grams which is about what you would expect for this entry-level price point. It does have a decent balanced feel but again that’s something that you are going to come to expect.


Overall graphics-wise, this has been a very exciting year for CCM. We really like that they’re pushing the limit a little bit love the camo and We really do like the brighter hit of yellow instead of that more traditional yellow a little more of an electric look there.

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