In this post, we’re going to do a quick review of the CCM Resistance hockey helmet. First looking look at the shell, it gives a lot of great airflows provided by the air vents on the front as well as some more on the rear.

CCM Resistance Hockey Helmet

CCM Resistance Ice Hockey Helmet

The shell design is closer to a one-piece design because, on the sides, they don’t have the adjustment features so it’s gonna give you some really great stiffness on both sides from front to back and side to side.

The reason why that they did not include the adjustment feature on the sides because when you add in some more internal design and components, it lowers that overall level of protection so that’s why they moved it to the back.

It has a single tool-free adjustment mechanism so all you got to do is pop it up and it pivots on the two sides. Therefore, it really allows the helmet to cup underneath off occipital bone giving you a great holding lock on the head.

Into the liner, this is where we see a totally new design from previous CCM helmets so it has two different functions. It will protect you from two different types of hits.

The first one’s going to be protecting you from linear impacts and that’s just a straight-on hit to the head you’re going to be protected from through those impact pods which are the round cylinders.

These are constructed of an EPP lightweight foam with an internal shock absorber to protect a hockey player from straight-on impacts.

And then to protect you from rotational impacts when you get hit at an angle and it spins your head that’s protected by the liquid-filled bladders that are attached to the bottom of the attack pods.

Now what this does with that liquid fill bladder when you’re getting hit at that angle, it slows down how quickly it’s going to spin your head and again that’s going to help you protect from the rotational impacts especially once you actually go ahead and you hit something. Again giving you two different ways of protection.

For high-level comfort, they use two different types of liner foam too. This is a thick medium density foam and then on top of it, they have soft memory foam so it feels really great on the head. This is very similar to U-foam which helps wick away moisture and keep it out of your eyes.


This CCM Resistance hockey helmet is pretty deep so it has a nice low-profile fit. Go ahead and throw it on your head it really likes to sit down pretty low, therefore, it’s not going to be too tall or bulky looking when you have it on, and look really looks great.

It also comes in a cage combo so it’s going to come with their new CCM resistance cage that has a couple of great key features. At the top, it has two little shock absorbers so if you get hit in the cage, it helps dampen those vibrations from its rattling.

It also has a stainless steel flat wire design and has a multi-density chin cup with it great antimicrobial coating on it as well.

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