We are going to do a brief review of the CCM Jetspeed Team Grip 3 hockey stick. For shaft dimensions, we have rounded corners along with concave sidewalls unique to the Jetspeed family. It offers a really nice balance between control and overall comfort and it does have a tacky grip finish, making sure you get a really secure lock on the stick.

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CCM Jetspeed Team 3 Grip Stick

Kick Point

This is where we find their Jetspeed hybrid kick, really balancing the best of a quick shot release with hard shot power, ideal for those players who like to do it all. Sometimes you’re playing up near the net trying to get that quick release off and sometimes you’re taking that big one-timer. So this hybrid kickpoint does a good job of offering a great release for both styles.


This is a two-piece fuse utilizing their C6 carbon fiber weave to give it a nice classic look but it’s also going to do a really good job of reducing weight and maximizing your energy transfer so you can squeeze every ounce of power into your shot.


It has a JS3 blade, which is a traditional foam-filled core that offers some good puck feel so you will have a cool sense of where that puck is sitting on your blade at all times. Then we do have that C6 weave continuing into the blade, really helping to reduce weight in this critical area. In this way, you have a better-balanced feel in the hands and it does have that textured finish too.


Overall, it looks a little bit meaner this year with a really dark colorway and just an outline of that Jetspeed logo in red so it kind of has that pro feel to it, especially when you consider that it is the team or the pro stick.

Stick Weight

This is 450 grams in the senior 85 flex, which offers a really good balance point for this price point.

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