In this article, we are going to do a quick walkthrough of the new CCM JetSpeed FT3 hockey stick. So starting with shaft dimensions, this has that signature JetSpeed feel which are rounded corners double concave sidewalls. Not only comfy in the hands but also give players great control and stability.

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CCM JetSpeed FT3 Stick Review


For the materials, this is where we see a big upgrade from that Team3. It has their new optimized one-piece construction so technically it’s still a fused two-piece but it creates the sensation and overall playability of a true one piece that’s great to see at this price point. It offers a little better energy transfer and better consistency from top to bottom.

C6 Carbon Fiber

The manufacturer is still using that c6 carbon fiber weave there’s been a staple in CCM’s lineup for quite some time really nice and lightweight very good again at transferring energy.

X-Flow Resin

This year they’re including their X-flow resin system that’s a kind of glue that binds all the carbon fibers together. It’s a higher grade resin than what we find in team3. Therefore, it really helps to provide that new stick pop for a little bit longer and also provides a little bit better durability too.

Kick Point

The JetSpeed FT3 Stick has that signature hybrid kick point that has really taken the NHL and even the retail by storm. It helps to bridge the gap between that quick releasing low kick point and that super-powerful mid kick or high kick point. I

Ideal for those hockey players who find themselves in all sorts of situations quite often so whether you’re playing in near the goalie trying to get that puck up and over and past with that quick shot release into the back of the net or if you like to really take some time once in a while to load up for a big one-timer, this hybrid kick point is going to offer a really nice balance between the two.


Into the blade core, we can see more upgrades internally with their JS4 blade core. It’s a lighter, a little more durable internal foam construction so this is what gives the jet speed stick such a great feel for the puck while you’re stickhandling and catching passes.

It has a C6 carbon fiber weave coming in from the shaft again very lightweight and this is such a critical area for that weight because when you remove weight from the blade portion, it gives a better balance point so it feels lighter in the hands than it actually is.


Speaking of weight and how it feels we really like the balance point on all three sticks in the jet speed line. This year, they did a great upgrade specifically for this FT3 stick. This is 420 grams n the senior 85 flex so this is extremely lightweight considering the price that it’s coming in.


We have always been a fan of the black and red colorway of JetSpeed but overall it has some really kind of more pro-styled not too flashy looks without being boring or too simple.

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