In this brief guide, we are going to do a quick review of the CCM 50 hockey helmet that’s the best option in terms of overall quality and price for recreational as well as intermediate-level hockey players.

CCM 50 Hockey Helmet Review

CCM 50 Ice Hockey Helmet


For the shell, this is a two-piece design that also comes with tool adjustment, so you simply hit the tabs on both sides, and this will allow you to expand or contract the helmet so you can find the perfect fit for you.


CCM also included vents to the front, top, and back to help bring in cool air through the front and push out hot air through the back.


Inside, it has a nice, simple liner that adds some great comfort right out of the box. Also, a really thick layer of dual-density foam is there. It provides a great fit and feel that will break in over time. This is going to add some good-level protection for those recreational or just casual hockey players. Throughout the inside, it is perforated in certain spots to help increase the airflow.


The CCM 50 ice hockey helmet comes with or without a cage. It does come in a cage combo, which will save you money if you don’t already have a cage or a visor. It’s a really nice traditional cage; that’s what they call their CCM FM50.

It utilizes a single-density chin cup and it does have a protector at the bottom which is better for those recreational level players that are going to occasionally fall on their head and their chin from time to time.

Color And Size

This particular CCM 50 helmet is available in two colors (black and white). It comes in sizes XS, S, and M/L.


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