The CCM 3DS FitLite helmet has a two-piece shell. Now the outer shell is a kind of HDPE and the subshell is a high-density ABS. These are both gonna combine to give you a nice long-lasting durable shell.

CCM 3DS FitLIte Helmet

CCM 3DS FitLIte Hockey Helmet

Adjustment System

A great thing about this helmet is what we see on a lot of high-end helmets is gonna be a single or a tools adjustment system. So make sure you hit the flips on both sides. This will allow you to expand and contract the helmet so you can adjust it front to back conveniently.


We are gonna get a lot of good air vents up through the front. The FitLight helmet is also going to get some down through the back shining it through the EPP as well gotta love the steel accents that you can see down through the center as well as up through the front so just a great-looking shell that’s gonna last and protect.

Micro-Dial System

Into the liner, this is where we see that micro-dial system so not only are going to be able to adjust this front to back but you’re able to roll the dial so it gives you that customizable 360-degree fit.

What we really like about this micro-dial 3 is that it moves the padding with you so it’s gonna auto-adjust to your head. It’s just not a front and backside type of a fit but it’s going to give you that true 360-degree fit after you’ve adjusted it front to back so got to love it fits really well to the head.


As far as protection goes, for the first time, CCM helmets feature their smart foam called D3O. This is a rate-sensitive foam that’s really soft to the touch gonna give you that memory foam-like feel. When you take a big hit to the side, it’s protecting the temples and actually helps to stiffen up and it does an absolutely stellar job of absorbing that impact energy to better keep you protected.


Not so much for protection but more for comfort, they incorporate unique memory foam pads all the way throughout to offer hockey players a really comfortable feel especially once they go ahead and get it all fitted on.


The CCM 3DS FitLIte hockey helmet is available in a caged combo and the cage combo comes with their FitLite titanium cage. It has a sweet look to it but more importantly, it’s also one of the little lightest on the market today.

Fit Profile

Now as far as the fit profile goes definitely geared more towards the oval-shaped heads so that fit you best, protect you best, and provide long-lasting performance.

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