Getting the best youth hockey sticks for your kids is a key to putting them on the right track to learning fast hockey skills and, due to the low kick point of the stick, they keep going on to progress with more and more play. We have prepared a list of the 7 best junior hockey sticks considering different aspects like design & construction, price tag, the level of play, and others.

best youth hockey sticks

Top Youth Hockey Sticks

1. Raven Ninja III Youth Hockey Stick

Raven Ninja III Junior Hockey Stick

The Raven Ninja 3 III is slightly bigger in size and has a low flex rate than a standard youth hockey stick that making it a more handy and perfect fit for kids aged 5-8. It features a dual-core 3K carbon blade to achieve more flexibility for a powerful stride.

Overall it has a great construction so more sturdy and durable. It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee by the manufacturer.

2. Bauer Vapor 1X Youth Hockey Stick

Bauer Vapor 1X Junior Hockey Stick

This Bauer Vapor 1X stick is capable of doing all the work that a standard big-size hockey stick does. It has a one-piece construction that gives the stick a smooth vibrant look and minimizes the chances of breaking out as happens in the case of two/three-piece construction. Its low kick point and QRT plus technology make it perfect for the players who are eager to push the puck into the goal as quickly as possible.

Bauer uses the special TeXtreme technique to reduce the weight of the blade for more stability and improved stick handling. Moreover, the Monocomp assists in transferring energy from the handle to the blade. It is 24 inches in length from top to heel.

3. DILLY 40 Flex Youth Hockey Stick

DILLY Junior Hockey Stick

Elegantly designed stick having matt grip finish to attract the young players to own it. The premium quality 8K carbon fiber is used in the making of shaft and blade so naturally becomes more compact and ultra-lightweight that weighs just 290grams.

Due to the smaller shaft size, it allows the junior players to hit the puck with full power without losing the balance. The length of the stick measures 56 inches from top to the heel.

4. Raven Edge 20 Youth Hockey Stick

Raven EDGE Hockey Stick

Another awesome junior hockey stick from the Raven that has been loved by many players. It plays a vital role to bridge up the gap between youth sticks and full-length hockey sticks offering an optimum value and performance.

The Raven edge 20 is featuring 3k carbon in the shaft to achieve more durability and a matte grip finish for better puck control while shooting. Suitable for the players of age 4-8 years underweight 35kg.

5. Mylec MK1 Youth Hockey Stick

Mylec Youth Hockey Stick

This MK1 hockey stick is versatile in nature that will not let you down whether you are playing in the professional ice rink or on the rough street ground. The special Mylec ABS technology makes the stick more compact and flexible for hitting all types of shots comfortably.

It comes in three versions including left, right, and straight so no one is gonna leave behind to try this out. The blade is pretty straight so ideal for young players to nurture their passing and stick handling skills.

6. Reebok CCM Youth Hockey Stick

CCM Youth Hockey Stick

CCM needs no introduction when it comes to hockey equipment. This youth hockey stick is a vital example of that. Its ABS core blade offers great stability to the players to enjoy playing hockey regardless of the type of place. It features nice graphics on the exterior so a perfect gift for kids on their birthday or on winning the hockey championship.

7. Tron Revolution Youth Hockey Stick

Tron Revolution ABS Hockey StickLast but not least on our list is the Tron junior hockey stick that is ideal for playing all kinds of hockey like inline hockey, street hockey, and ice hockey. Professionally machined laminated shaft to get more rigidity and durability. It comes in three design patterns including left, right, and straight.

Other Youth Hockey Skates

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Kevin Mann · October 31, 2020 at 8:52 am

May kids love theThe Raven Ninja hockey stick, He use Modehockey stick in past, but change to Raven Ninja hockey stick now

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