If you are buying hockey gloves for an adult, you want to get a pair with a good reputation for durability and comfort. While youth hockey gloves may not have the protection and features of pro-level gloves, they do provide plenty of benefits. Fortunately, they are relatively affordable and easy to use. Listed below are some of the best junior hockey gloves for young players currently available on the market.

Youth Hockey Gloves

Top Youth Hockey Gloves

Brand/ModelMaterialColorSize (Inches)Price
TronX E10.0 Adult GlovesNylon/SuedeWT/GD/BK14See Price
Warrior Alpha Qx4 YouthNylonRD10See Price
STX Surgeon 300 JuniorPlastic/NylonBL/WT11/12See Price
PowerTek V5.0 TekSyntheticPK/BL/RD8/9/10See Price
Alkali Visium Adult GlovesPolyesterRD10/11/13/14See Price

1. TronX E10.0 Adult Hockey Gloves

TronX E10.0 Adult Hockey Gloves

These gloves were designed with the needs of young ice hockey players in mind. They are tapered to provide the best possible performance and flexibility. Designed from ballistic nylon pro knit, they are breathable, robust, and equipped with plastic inserts to provide additional protective coverage. They may be baked in your skate oven to give you a more customized fitting. Furthermore, although these gloves do not come in the lowest size offered, they are still ideal for beginners to use. In addition, the price of the gloves is reasonable.

2. Warrior Alpha Qx4 Youth Ice Gloves

Warrior Alpha Qx4 Ice Hockey Glove

The Warrior offers a complete collection of junior hockey gloves in a variety of designs and colors. A typical Clarino palm is included in this series, but it also incorporates some modern characteristics, such as a hybrid taper fit. This glove’s hybrid taper fit and first-class foam are intended to protect your hands and maximize your mobility while still giving the best protection and feel. Each pair features a moisture-wicking interior. The gloves are also constructed with a free-flex cuff, which provides for improved stick handling abilities.

3. STX Surgeon 300 Junior Hockey Gloves

STX Surgeon 300 Gloves

Designed for younger players who are just learning how to play hockey. These gloves are a great combination of classic and tapered profiles for a comfortable fit and feel. In addition to providing stronger protection against sticks and loose pucks, they also provide a greater range of motion. A nice feel is provided by the textured, suede-like leather palms, while the tapering fingertip design gives good protection from the ice for the young player.

4. PowerTek V5.0 Tek Youth Hockey Gloves

PowerTek V5.0 Tek Youth Ice Hockey Gloves

When it comes to hockey gloves, the PowerTek V5.0 glove is the best option whether you’re shopping for yourself or your teenager. These gloves are ideal for young hockey players due to their abrasion-resistant material, multi-density foam, anatomical backhand, short cuff, and finger gussets. They are also affordable. Additionally, they are reinforced with plastic inserts to provide more protection and durability.

5. Alkali Visium Adult Kids Hockey Glove

Alkali Visium Adult Kids Hockey Glove

These gloves are composed of abrasion-resistant material that’s both durable and lightweight. They also include single-density foam for added protection. They feature anatomically correct contours and an inside lining that has a vivid color. Plastic inserts have been added to the wrist and thumb areas to provide additional protection and flexibility. The platinum flex pro knit used in the hockey gloves increases the durability and flexibility of the gloves. These gloves are perfect for younger players who are just learning to play the game.

Buying Youth Hockey Gloves


In terms of durability, one thing to look for in a youth hockey glove is the padding. A good pair of gloves will have 24mm of EPP foam on the palm. The padding should protect your child’s hands from unnecessary impact while also providing excellent finger mobility. Other features to look for in a hockey glove include a 15-piece backhand, an ergonomic liner, and a lock thumb. These features will all enhance the durability of the glove and ensure that your child is protected from injuries while playing.


Top-tier youth hockey gloves are considered more flexible since they feature triple-density foams and three-piece finger stalls to allow the fingers to bend naturally around the stick. The cuffs are also stitched and raised. These gloves are comfortable and protect the player’s hands well. You can even find youth hockey gloves that feature lock-tight thumbs. These are the most protective and comfortable options for your child.


When buying hockey gloves for youth players, you should look for a glove with good protection. An elite pair of hockey gloves will protect a player’s hand and provide an edge over their bigger and stronger opponents. Also, they have strategically segmented panels that provide great playability, as well as padding in the palms for ultimate protection against any severe injury during the game.


The cost of youth hockey gloves might vary significantly from one brand to another. The lowest pricing range ($30-$80) is generally reserved for people who are just interested in having fun. Whereas, the most expensive alternatives might cost as much as $170, $200, or even more. You may expect to pay at least $100 more for a higher-quality glove than you would for the cheapest option.


You should also consider the brand name when considering the price. Generally, popular name brands are the most expensive. However, this does not mean that they are not worthwhile investments. As long as you’re aware of the budget and the specific needs of your child’s team, you should be able to buy a good pair of gloves for your youngster.

Final Words

This was our brief review on the best hockey gloves for junior hockey players. But again, don’t forget to consider a pair that offers great flexibility, protection, and durability. The price of youth hockey gloves should also be considered. You may want to consider the more expensive models for professional hockey games and long-lasting performance. But if you’re on a budget, there are also many affordable options out there as well like we included in our list.

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