Wearing a pair of best hockey gloves helps to protect the hands and the wrists in the lower part of the forearms. In the early days, hockey gloves were purely made of leather but nowadays, the gloves are made of either a combination of leather and nylon or mostly nylon.best hockey gloves

Though the majority of manufacturers now use nylon material in the construction of hockey gloves, they also bring lather in use in specific parts such as using synthetic leather at the segments of the back of the glove so they move more freely with the motion of the hand. There are segments in the fingers so that you can feel the stick and puck a little bit better.

The other nice thing that newer gloves have is an anti-lock thumb to stop a hyperextension of the thumb. The inner liner is a kind of moisture management system as well as antimicrobial and antibacterial which older models did not have so that is why they stink so bad when they are in the hockey bag.

Now some brands are introducing new features in hockey gloves such as an adjustable cuff that reduces the possibility of stress fractures on the forearm and protects from groin injuries. So if you are looking for the best hockey gloves, you are in the right place. We have reviewed the top 5 best hockey gloves available on the market.

Best Hockey Gloves 2024

Gloves ModelSizeColorWeight (lb)Price
Warrior QRL413"Various Options0.6See Price
STX HPR 1.214", 15"Black, Navy/Red0.5See Price
Bauer NSX13", 14", 15"Black--See Price
Sherwood BPM 12014"Black, Blue, Multicoloured0.7See Price
CCM Tacks 4 Roll10", 11", 12"Black/White0.4See Price

1. Warrior Covert QRL4 Junior Hockey Gloves

The Warrior QRL4 secured 1st position in our list of top 5 best hockey gloves. It features medium-density foam in the form of segments in fingers and at the back for enhanced flexibility. For the first time, Warrior used their AxyFlex thumb technology with a two-piece design in this model. So it assists in easy finger movements for powerful stride shots. On top of the glove, plastic inserts are used to achieve great impact protection. Its added lightweight dual foam in cuffs also provides good protection against wrist injuries. It is recommended for both beginners and intermediate hockey players.

2. Stallion HPR 1.2 Senior Ice Hockey Glove Senior (Best Quality)

Best hockey gloves

The STX 1.2 hockey glove is the best option for a professional-level play of hockey. It completely consists of dual-density foam which is more flexible and provides protection against all impacts. Its flex thumb offers great mobility to move hands freely and a better grip on the hockey stick as compared to its competitors. The super flexible fabric is going to provide more cushion in hand palms. Its liner consists of microfiber mesh that gives extra protection and prolongs life. The NHL pros are fully satisfied with the performance of STX 1.2 hockey gloves.

3. Bauer NSX Senior Hockey Gloves (Value for the Money)

Best Bauer NSX Hockey Gloves

If you are new to the game of hockey, the Bauer NXS is going to be the best hockey gloves in terms of providing great protection and durability. It comes with integrated inserts on top of dual-density foams which help to move fingers freely and offer great protection at the backhand. Its cuff also gives you nice mobility through the wrists. The exterior is crafted with breathable polyester material that is being lighter more durable and offers nice comfort to the hands. A nylon mesh is used inside the glove that is very helpful in absorbing moisture and hence you will get a strong grip on the hockey stick.  Simply, you will get the best quality hockey glove at a very reasonable price.

4. Sherwood BPM 120 Senior Hockey Gloves

The Sherwood BPM 120 uses a 4 layered high-density foam for maximum protection against high impacts. So you can handle the stick with ease and go for powerful shots without any fear of injuries. The exterior is made of cable net mesh that is highly abrasion-resistant. Its palm consists of a high-quality clarino microfiber nylon that extends life. Like most modern options, it also features a two-piece thumb design for a traditional stick handling feel. Its liner is made of hydrophobic mesh that is moisture-wicking and offers a tight grip on the hockey stick. Suitable for intermediate and professional hockey players.

5. CCM Tacks 4 Roll Junior Hockey Glove

Best CCM Hockey Gloves

The CCM Tacks 4Roll is the last but not least in our list of hockey gloves. It comes with one piece thumb design so you will get a traditional feel during puck shot. A medium density foam is used all along the back and top of the glove to achieve a great level of protection. In the palm area, synthetic leather is used for easy mobility and a nice feel. The insert used in this glove is made of hydrophobic mesh that is highly moisture-wicking and dries quickly. It is one of the best cheapest hockey gloves offering quite similar features and functionalities as high price tagged gloves. We are quite confident that your children will love to wear this glove that protects their hands from sudden injuries that may happen during playing hockey.

Hockey Gloves Size

It must need to wear properly sized hockey gloves as these will strengthen your grip on a hockey stick.  No matter how expensive your gloves are. Even if they are slightly loose to your hands, stick handling will be difficult and finally, you will lose your stride power for the shot. It will really help if you visit your local market where you can find the exact size of your hockey gloves by trying different sizes. Mostly, brands have their own hockey gloves sizing guidelines so if you are going to buy a pair for yourself, follow that particular brands’ sizing guidelines instead of other brands’ sizing instructions. Else you can find here a general size chart just for an idea.

Top Brands

There are various brands on the market offering different level hockey gloves. Following are the most popular brands in the industry;

  • The Bauer
  • The CCM
  • Easton
  • Reebok
  • The Warrior
  • Sherwood
  • Franklin Sports

Other brands that are not that popular but still exist in the market such as Winnwell, Graf, and Tron.

Price Scale

The price of hockey gloves ranges from $35-$250. Higher the price, the higher the quality.

Final Verdict

Concluding the post with the hope that our list of the above-reviewed hockey gloves will make it quite comfortable for you to choose the best hockey gloves as per your preferences. So if you still have questions or concerns, shoot us an email or write us down in the comment section below. We will be more than happy to help you out.

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