If you are looking for the Warrior hockey stick, you are welcome to our website as we are going to introduce you to the top 4 best Warrior hockey sticks currently available. So without any delay, let’s read a brief review of each hockey stick and try to figure out what is the right option for you.

warrior hockey sticks

Best Warrior Hockey Sticks

1. Warrior Alpha QX5 Hockey Stick

The warrior Alfa qx5 stick has new ergo shape shaft dimensions with rounded corners and double concave sidewalls that let you roll the wrists on the ice rink comfortably. It features true one phantom construction that makes it very seamless and it is also extremely consistent and gives you much more responsiveness when you are taking your shots.

For the materials, they use a Minimus carbon fiber combined with fiberglass which offers a lot of durability and still some really good playability even at this opening price point. Now into the kick point, you will see a low kick point utilizing their new taper. This is higher than other Warrior QRL line hockey sticks.

The new saber taper has a very similar design that looks a little bit beefier than what you do find on the dagger tape before the QRL series and this was strategically done to give you better stability and more torsional stability.

This Warrior stick features a softcore X foam package with its single stringer that runs heel to toe. Both these combine to give you a nice lively puck feel. It also allows you to get some good pop off the foot for quick snapshots and slap shots.

It weighs around 495 grams that is lighter than what you’ll find in the majority of the competition.

2. Warrior Covert DT3 Stick

The Warrior Covert DT 3 hockey stick has straight sidewalls with rounded corners so it’s going to give you that traditional feel. This is a true one-piece construction and they wrapped it with their carbon elite carbon fiber so it gives a hockey player a great lightweight feel along with being balanced.

It has Warrior’s diamond print that gives a good feel through the glove to the shaft. Looking at the blade court, they gave it the D Lite blade core. It is an evolution of the double D blade that they use in the Dolomites series. So you will get a good lightweight responsive feel out of it.

For the foams, Warrior uses denser foams in the heel area to give you a stable feel, and then as you get further into the blade in the middle and in the toe, they use softer foams to act more springing off your releases.

They also do a Eunice bar carbon fiber stringer running all the way through to add that core strength and bench strength. So you will not get the blade torquing as much but allows you to hit a more accurate shot and then they also wrapped it with a 3k carbon weave providing you with more durability and some added pop.

Now for the look and feel of this stick, they give the DT3 a little bit flashier blue look but with that being said, they keep it pretty simple with the warrior logos and all the different logos. So in our opinion, this stick looks pretty good.

For the feel, we are really amazed by the feel of this stick at this price point. It is truly one piece so it is going to be very balanced giving you a consistent feel and we think this is a great pick for you.

3. Warrior Dynasty AX3 Stick


Looking at the shaft dimensions of the Warrior Dynasty AX3 hockey stick, you will see double concave sidewalls with rounded corners which provide nice contouring to the hands. As far as construction goes, they use strategic stretch fibers all along the front, top portion of the stick wears, on the backhand, and the underbelly of the shaft.

Its compression fibers allow you to load up on your shot quicker and then once you unload, you will get even more recoil and it gives you a little more power as well.

You will see the raised texture that runs on the backhand as well as on the top of the shaft for pretty much the most part where your lower hand is going to be a place for a nice little additional feel. And then they include their velvet touch which has a really soft like the rubbery type of feel.

Now into the blade, Warrior uses their low fused construction process meaning the blade is fused with the lower portion of the shaft which in turn helps keep your blade squared to your target when you are taking a shot giving you pinpoint accuracy.

The AX3 has a little bit denser foams in the heel and a little bit softer foams in the toe. It gives you awesome power on the big boom and slap shots. This mid-kick stick is really ideal for powerful shots that ensure the blade stays tight and does not flex or torque.

They also use Eunice bar reinforcement which is just one single strip of carbon fiber reinforcement that runs through the entire blade. This just helps add to the stiffness and rigidity so that helps you with the durability as well as again that accuracy making sure your blade stays closed.

4. Warrior Covert DT1 Hockey Stick

Like other Warrior hockey sticks, the Covert DT1 also has straight sidewalls with rounded corners which give a player a good traditional feel. This is a true one-piece hockey stick.

They made it with a very tightly X-stitched weave of the highest grade carbon fibers and those materials are going to run all the way from the top of the stick all the way down through the blade. It offers a very consistent lightweight feel also is well-balanced.

Something we really like about what Warrior did with this whole line of sticks is they really cleaned up and simplified the look of these sticks. On the shaft, they raise a diamond print that offers a good feel along with a good grip on the shaft.

Now into the taper, they did their dagger taper that makes this stick thinner. Going into the blade and then on the back, it is a little bit wider so the thinner portion on the front offers a very quick release and the wider portion on the back is going to offer less torque.

So it is really focusing on giving you a quick release but giving you an accurate shot and what dagger taper does allows this stick to bow out at the bottom and the top giving you very quick relief.

Moving into the blade, as you can see the fibers run consistently all the way through and it is something that Warrior is really focused on doing is upgrading these blades from the previous years.

Now starting out with the core, they use their hardcore X foam core. It is the lightest core that they have used and has 60% higher compression resistance while being 40% stronger so it gives you a lot of pop off this blade as well as being a lot stronger than its previous version.

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Kevin Mann · October 31, 2020 at 8:48 am

It’s a pity Warrior DX hockey stick don’t appear in top 4.

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