It’s your lucky day since you have arrived at the perfect location to get the best Osaka field hockey sticks available. Osaka is a well-known brand of field hockey sticks that are both high-quality and long-lasting.

They provide a large selection of various designs of sticks that will fit players of all skill levels and abilities. No matter what kind of stick you’re looking for, whether it’s a high-performance stick that will last for years or a lightweight stick that will fit in your pocket, Osaka has it!

When it comes to high-quality hockey sticks, Osaka stands alone in this regard. In addition, they are continually looking for methods to enhance their product range in order to keep up with the ever-changing expectations of the hockey-playing public.

Best Osaka Field Hockey Sticks

Top Osaka Field Hockey Sticks

Stick ModelBow TypeSizeColorPrice
Osaka Pro Tour 100Mid Bow36.5BlackSee Price
Osaka Vision 85Show Bow36.5, 37.5Grey, BlackSee Price
Osaka Pro Tour LimitedMid Bow36.5GreySee Price
Osaka FuTURELAB 100Nxt Bow36.5, 37.5BlackSee Price
Osaka Vision 55Pro Bow36.5, 37.5Black, BrownSee Price
Osaka Pro Tour 30Low Bow36.5BlackSee Price
Osaka Vision GFGrow Bow34BlackSee Price

1. Osaka Pro Tour 100 Field Hockey Stick

Osaka Pro Tour 100 Field Hockey Stick

Those who specialize in shooting, lashing, and pushing tactics will find the Osaka Pro Tour 100 mid bow stick to be an ideal option for their next hockey stick purchase. The shaft of this stick is made of carbon composite material, which makes it both light and sturdy.

In order to limit shock during play, the ISA System and SIP Zone have been developed by the company. The weight of this stick is around 600 grams, making it a lightweight option.

At its most extreme, it has a maximum bow point that is roughly 300mm from the head and 24mm high. The next-generation design of this stick is great for practicing precise ball control with three-dimensional movement.

The head is 45 degrees angled, and the shaft has Kevlar reinforcing for further strength. Aramid fibers are used to stiffen the backhand blade. It also boasts a 1.5mm VibraStop foam layer on the handle, as well as a Pro Touch grip for more comfort and control.

2. Osaka Vision 85 Field Hockey Stick

Osaka Vision 85 Stick

This is another ideal stick for players to enhance their dribbling and generate powerful shots. It may be customized to meet the demands of current players thanks to its distinctive profile and design.

3D ball handling, flicking, and shooting were all considerations in the design of this masterpiece. Anyone who plays fast-paced hockey and has a high degree of talent would benefit greatly from this stick.

With a carbon/fiberglass/Kevlar/Aramid construction, the Osaka Vision 85 Show Bow hockey stick is a combination of power and control. Because of its Late Bow technology, lifting the ball becomes a more speedy and dynamic movement.

The Elite Stick combines cutting-edge technology and creativity to offer maximum power to the player without sacrificing the player’s ability to maintain control.

3. Osaka Pro Tour Limited Hockey Stick

Osaka Pro Tour Limited Hockey Stick

The Osaka Pro Tour limited mid-bow hockey stick is made of carbon to increase its strength and weight, making it a versatile choice for beginners as well as advanced players.

Its design is unique in that it incorporates a carbon layer for strength as well as an aerial basis for the best possible feedback.

Despite the fact that it’s lightweight, it has an overall composite design that ensures long-lasting performance. It also has a beautiful bronze finish.

4. Osaka FuTURELAB 100 Stick

Osaka FuTURELAB 100 Stick

When it comes to field hockey sticks, the Osaka FuTURELAB 100 stick is the solution to the most recent design trends.

The Futurelab 100 stick is designed with hook slots on the outside and additional surface area on the inside to provide the player more stiffness while also reducing the penalty for just being overweight.

This stick also has a higher sense of touch and speed, while being lightweight and sturdy at the same time. Definitely, a worth buying stick for any player!

5. Osaka Vision 55 Field Hockey Stick

Osaka Vision 55 Stick

The Osaka Vision 55 Pro Bow Hockey Stick is ideal for young players who desire to enhance their skills by practicing new game tactics.

Made of a mix of premium materials such as carbon fiber, glass fiber, Kevlar cross reinforcement, and Aramid backhand blade reinforcement which make it an ultimate beast.

This hockey stick boasts the newest technology, such as a curved shaft to aid shooting and a new Pro bow shape that focuses on 3D ball handling and flicking.

It’s available in scheduled and weekend services. Although the brand does not reveal the complete name, it does provide great value for money.

6. Osaka Pro Tour 30 Indoor Hockey Stick

Osaka Pro Tour 30 Indoor Hockey

If you’re looking for an indoor field hockey stick that can perform in the same manner as the top sticks on the field, the Osaka Pro Tour 30 Low Bow should be on your list.

Carbon is a key component of its stiffness, and the Kevlar in the stick’s construction provides additional shock absorption for powerful shots.

In terms of performance and longevity, this stick strikes an excellent balance, and it is available in a number of different weight classes and bow positions. This stick is readily available for purchase for less than $150.

7. Osaka Vision GF Field Hockey Stick

Osaka Vision GF Sticks

In terms of dribbling abilities, the Osaka Vision GF Grow Bow hockey stick is a fantastic option for a young hockey player’s developing skills and abilities.

With a height of 17mm, its maximum bow point is roughly 300mm from the head and is located around 300mm from the tail.

The handle is thin and narrow, making it easier for those with tiny hands to grip the stick comfortably.

Talking about the overall design, the stick is moderately curved and graceful, making it ideal for slap shooting as well as ball control.

Final Words

That concludes our quick evaluation of the best Osaka field hockey sticks on the market. Osaka sticks are more flexible, stronger, and more forgiving when compared to the top-tier brands of field hockey sticks available on the market. However, the price of these sticks is somewhat greater than that of their elite counterparts, but it is still worthwhile to get the most of their sticks.

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