Players and coaches must have the best hockey water bottles to stay hydrated during long practice sessions or games on the ice hockey fields. There are many different materials that water bottles can be made of. The ideal ones are lightweight, non-toxic, and BPA-free. They are also perfect for running and other outdoor activities. If you’re looking for a great water bottle that is comparatively cheap yet lightweight and durable, take a look at the following options:

Best Hockey Water Bottles

Hockey Water Bottles Review

BrandMade OfColorCapacity (oz)Price
SHOKE Long Straw BottlePolyethyleneBlack, Red, White32See Price
Lightzz Children's Hockey BottleSilicone, RubberMulti-Color14See Price
SUFEINI Hockey Water BottleSteel, SiliconeRed, Blue108See Price
Howies Hockey Tape BottlePlastic, RubberYellow, White32See Price
Under Armour Squeeze Bottle PlasticLead32See Price
BSN Sports Water BottlePlasticWhite24See Price
SolForis Hockey BottlePlasticBlack, White, Red32See Price
Tervis NHL Water BottlePlasticRed24See Price
GetMovin Sports BottlesPlasticBlack, Red24See Price
Mueller Quart BottlePlasticWhite24See Price

1. SHOKE Long Straw Hockey Water Bottle

SHOKE Long Straw Hockey Water Bottle

A fantastic personal water bottle that’s made of food-grade Polyethylene material is a great choice for hockey players. Its long and flexible straw makes it easy to sip your water. It also has a removable lid. Its design and color are suited to a variety of sports, including ice hockey, volleyball, and soccer.

2. Lightzz Kid’s Hockey Water Bottle

Lightzz Kid's Hockey Water Bottle

The brightly colored 3D hockey-themed design makes this water bottle a fun practical gift for kids. It has a lanyard for holding the bottle, so it can be easily attached to your child’s lunchbox or wrist. Also, it’s leak-proof and dishwasher-safe. It will help keep your junior hockey players hydrated while you are away from them!

3. Sufeini Gallon Hockey Water Bottle

Sufeini Gallon Hockey Water Bottle

A giant water container with a time marker is designed for daily use. This BPA-free silicone bottle features a wide-mouth opening with a flip-top lid. It’s available in two nice colors: blue and red. Because of its fashionable and trendy look, make the men and women in your life who are hockey geeks happy by gifting this beast.

4. Howies Hockey Tape Sports Water Bottle

Howies Hockey Tape Sports Water Bottle

This bottle is made of 100% BPA-free plastic and features a bullseye built right into the lid. It’s easy to hold, and the durable rubber top keeps it from tipping over. Unlike other brands, it doesn’t leak! Whether you are playing pickup hockey or at the rink, you can easily squirt yourself with your new sports water bottle.

5. Under Armour Squeeze Water Bottle

Under Armour Squeeze Water Bottle

A great way to stay hydrated while playing hockey is to use a soft squeeze hockey bottle that has a unique quick-shot lid. Sportspersons need to replenish their energy during a game, and a quick-shot lid makes it easier to drink the proper amount of fluid. This unique bottle is made from durable, BPA-free plastic and is ergonomically designed for easy grip and squeeze. It can be cleaned in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

6. BSN SPORTS Hockey Water Bottles

BSN SPORTS Hockey Water Bottle

These bottles are designed to keep your athlete hydrated during a quick water break. You can buy eight of these water bottles for your team at a great price. Each bottle has the company’s logo printed on it, making them a great addition to your team’s equipment.

7. SolForis Bottle With Straw

SolForis Bottles With Long Straw

Bottles with long stout straws are suitable for all sports – especially those that require helmets such as field and ice hockey. These are designed with a large mouth to deliver more water faster, without having to take your helmet off. They are also easy to clean and dispense with ice cubes. They come in different sizes and colors, making it easy to find the best one for your needs.

8. Tervis NHL Washington Capitals Bottle

Tervis NHL Washington Capitals Bottle

These insulated water bottles are the ultimate sports drinkware. With an official license to the Stanley Cup, these tumblers are made from the highest quality stainless steel and double-walled plastic to keep beverages cold and hot for long periods of time. Plus, they’re made from BPA-free material so you can drink safely and worry less about potential leaks.

9. GetMovin Sports Squeeze Water Bottles

GetMovin Sports Squeeze Water Bottles

One of the best water bottle carriers for your child is the GetMovin squeeze bottle. The bottles are sturdy, crafted from BPA-free plastic, and have a convenient carrier system so can be taken anywhere. They come in a pack of 6 pieces and each one has a hassle-free lid for convenient opening. You can easily clean them by hand or using a dishwasher.

10. Mueller Quart Hockey Water Bottle

Mueller Quart Hockey Water Bottle

Lastly, we have the Mueller Quart bottles that are cheaper still feature compact construction, and offer excellent performance for a long time. The big mouth allows you to put ice cubes inside. Besides hockey, anyone can use it as a personal water carrier while being at home or traveling. They come nicely in sealed packing.

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