Top 5 Best Hockey Stick Wax Review 2024 – A hockey stick wax is very helpful to keep the stick tape safer and durable as it repels snow and water away from a stick during playing hockey on the ice rink so it helps prolong the life of hockey stick as well. If you are in need of wax and yet to know what is the best hockey stick wax available in the market, our below shortlisted top 5 best hockey stick wax will make this task quite easy for you to select the best quality hockey stick wax that will keep your hockey stick moisture free and offer your hands tight grip on the stick. So let’s head over the brief review of each option to pick the right one.

best hockey stick wax

Best Hockey Stick Wax 2024

Brand/ModelUnit Weight (Oz)ColorPrice
Sex Wax Mr. Zog's Wax3.2Blue, Red, Purple, WhiteSee Price
Howies Hockey Stick Wax2.8BlueSee Price
A&R Sports Hockey Stick Wax2.0BlackSee Price
Proguard Glo-Sauce Wax0.6RedSee Price
Hertel Ski Hockey Blade Wax4.2WhiteSee Price

1. Sex Wax Mr. Zog’s Wax (Player’s Choice)

This is one of the best-selling hockey stick wax that is available at a very reasonable price. It is very easy to put on the hockey stick. This is going to protect your hockey tap from wearing and tearing effects in the long run. You are recommended to apply it once on your hockey stick when you are leaving for the ice rink. It will increase your grip on a stick as well as self-confidence to play shot from any angle of the ice rink. This is available in multiple scents so you can select the hockey blade wax that you like the most. The only drawback to this wax is that it does not come in a storage pack so you will need a plastic container or a zipper bag to store it for reuse in the future.

2. Howies Hockey Tape – Hockey Stick Wax (Best Value)

Howies Hockey Tape - Hockey Stick Wax

The is another best quality hockey wax that is the result of different soft microcrystalline waxes. It prevents ice build-ups on hockey sticks while playing on an ice rink so you will have a more puck feel as well as a strong grip on the stick. It also prolongs the life of hockey tape. A very nice strawberry-kiwi scent is used that makes you feel fresh at the same time when you on the ice rink. It is available in a pack of three pieces that will cost you even less as compared to other competitive brand’s products. So go ahead and take advantage of its value pack.

3. A&R Sports Ice Hockey Stick Wax

The A&R has been a popular brand in the sports industry in designing and manufacturing various sports gear especially hockey equipment. The hockey stick wax is also one of its products. This A&R ice hockey wax is particularly made for better puck control. It allows a player to hold a hockey stick firmly when he is going to play a puck shot. It also protects your stick from freezing ice and snow on it. As its pack has been designed the same as a puck so you can use it as a puck for exploring your hockey skills at home.

4. Proguard Ice Hockey Stick Wax (Best Price)

The Pro Guard comes at 4th position on our list. This is an anti-water wax that means it repels waters and snow when you are out there on the ice rink. It helps a player to strike the puck with great control. Like other waxes, it also prolongs the hockey blade’s life. This comes in red color so it will add more beauty to your hockey stick with a glow. Despite being cheaper, it plays a similar role but might be slightly better in some cases as the other expensive hockey wax does. Therefore, we will recommend the Proguard wax if you yet to use the wax for the first time.

5. Hertel Ski Rub-on Stick Wax

Last but not least is the Hertel Ski Wax. This is made of different wax ingredients that make it a complete product. Its pariflint technology is unique that no other brand has used so far. It actually helps a hockey player to glide the puck in any direction they want to easily and comfortably. Moreover, this is also going to protect the hockey stick from broken edges. It is packed quite similar to lipstick so it is very simple to apply on a hockey blade. This wax is slightly overpriced but overall it is a great piece of product.

How to Wax a Hockey Stick Properly

Final Verdict

Concluding the post with the hope that our list of the above-reviewed hockey stick wax will make it quite easier for you to choose an appropriate wax that could keep your stick’s tape grip more durable and intact for the long run. So if you still have questions or concerns, shoot us an email or write us down in the comment section below. We will be more than happy to help you out. Read other hockey equipment reviews.

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Martin · April 27, 2021 at 6:17 am

Good article. I’ve used all of these for years but not the ski wax. But I did use candle wax. But most recently I have switched to YEW! Supertack wax. It’s tacky but not too tacky. My hands are pretty average but I’ve definitely seen a difference using it. It is smaller than the others but you also need less.

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