Top 5 Best Hockey Stick Tape 2024 – Hockey tape serves a couple of different functions the first function is feeling for the puck handling the puck on the ice and the second function is protecting the stick. Hockey has become a very expensive sport and hockey sticks are very expensive these days. Using good quality tape and being able to apply the tape properly is very important for protecting your stick in the long run.

First, you need to choose the size and color of the tape. There are two basic sizes thick and thin and two basic colors black and white. Size and color are completely a player’s preference. We are going to present to you the top 5 best hockey stick tapes of 2024. Let’s get into the review of each hockey stick tape and try out to find the right one for your hockey stick.

best hockey stick tape

Best Hockey Stick Tape in 2024

BrandUnits CountLength (Yards)Width (Inches)ColorMaterialPrice
SportsTape6201"Black, WhitePoly-Cotton ClothSee Price
A&R Sports2/6201"Black, Clear, WhiteClothSee Price
Renfrew1201"Multiple ColorsWoven Cotton ClothSee Price
Proguard1151"Black, WhiteClothSee Price
Comp-O-Stik4201"WhiteClothSee Price

1. Sports Tape Hockey Tape

Sports Tape Hockey Tape


If you have been struggling with your grip over a hockey stick due to ice buildups on a stick, we advise you to use sports hockey tape as it is made of a unique carbon cloth that resists snow and water to accumulate on a stick. Therefore, you will get a nice puck to feel. The glue used in this tape is of high quality that sticks to a hockey stick firmly so the chances of coming off tape reduce to zero. This is the product from North America so you can expect good quality and performance. It comes in a pack of 6 pieces that makes sure you do not run short of tape while taping your stick.


  • Easy to tear without a scissor to apply on a stick
  • Built for long-lasting
  • A good amount of stickiness
  • Well priced


  • We don’t see any major issue in this hockey tape

2. A&R Sports Hockey Tape

A&R Sports Hockey Tape

The A&R is a popular brand that deals in hockey equipment. This hockey tape is surely not one of their most hyped products but is still here to serve better in its competition. It allows a player a more tight grip on a stick than a plane hockey stick without tape. It prevents water and snow to stay on a stick for great efficiency and performance. There are two options available to choose from i.e. a pack of 2pcs and a pack of 6pcs all depending on your stick taping requirements. You also have multiple color options there as well white, clear, black and the combination of all three colors to select the one that you like the most out of them.


  • It does the trick what it is made for
  • Lightweight but more durable
  • Multipurpose Use


  • Stays not for longer

3. Renfrew NHL Tape

Hockey Tape

At number 3rd, we have the Renfrew hockey tape. The material used in this product is rich in quality and for long run usability. It is highly ice and moisture resistant so you will get more boost in stick handling and puck feel. This tape is available in multiple colors with different NHL teams logo textures which add more beauty to your hockey stick. It comes in a single packing but still is big enough to meet your hockey taping needs. If your child loves playing hockey, gift them this beautiful piece of product.


  • Anti-moist
  • Versatile in nature
  • Best value for the money


  • Leaves harsh marks on stick upon removal of the tape

4. Proguard Cloth Hockey Tape

Best Hockey Tape

You can use this tape for both the hockey stick blade and grip. The Proguard tape is made of cloth so you can expect good quality and long-term performance. It sticks very well on the hockey stick to enhance the performance of a player on an ice rink. But here we have to mention that this tape comes in one piece pack and is just 15 yards long so it may run short while taping your stick. So it is recommended for kids hockey sticks or else buy two or three units of tape for your senior hockey stick taping needs. Overall, a nice product at this price point.


  • It is more coherent and cohesive
  • You can use it beyond the hockey purposes
  • Available at a reasonable price


  • It is a bit smoother as hockey demands rough tape for tight grip over the stick

5. Comp-O-Stik Hockey Tape

Comp-O-Stik Hockey Tape

Finally, at number 5th position, we have Comp-O-Stik hockey stick tape. Its super cohesive glue makes sure the maximum stickiness on the hockey stick.  This tape looks quite similar to surgical tape but is built for the highest durability and performance. Like other brands, they also use poly-cotton fabric that helps absorb moisture and repels the snow build-ups on a stick. Simply this stick tape leaves no stone unturned in providing a player a nice level of grip over the hockey stick. This is packed in 4 pieces and available in white color only.


  • Ideal for composite hockey sticks
  • Long lasting performance
  • Value pack


  • 100% positive customer feedback so far


We hope that our above-reviewed hockey stick tapes will make it easier for you to select the best hockey stick tape that could make your hockey stick’s grip more durable and intact in the long run. So if you still have questions or concerns regarding hockey stick tape, send us an email or write us down in the comment section below. We will be more than happy to help you out anytime.

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