Players now prefer to use a hockey stick grip over stick tapes as it’s more soft, flexible, and never slips in the hands while hitting a puck. Finding the best hockey stick grips is not as a daunting task as hockey skates. Currently, there are limited companies that are manufacturing this hockey product. Therefore, we have put these together to make your find for top-quality grips at very reasonable prices super easy.

Hockey Stick Grips

Top Ice Hockey Stick Grips

1. Buttendz Hockey Stick Grip

Buttendz Hockey Stick Grip

First and our personal favorite grip on the list is the special edition “Future Replacement” by Buttendz. Its reinforced flexible construction gives an extra firm grip and feels that a stick tape fails to offer. It’s one size fits perfectly on all sizes of hockey stick handles. There is a wide range of beautiful colors to choose from. It’s 7 inches long. The only drawback is its color decolorization that has nothing to do with the quality and durability so buy one confidently.

2. Advanced Hockey Stick Grip

Advanced Hockey Stick Grip

Installing this advanced stick grip allows you to get rid of bothering with the palm of your hockey gloves. Due to its highly stretchable design and extreme durability, you will have optimum stick handling performance out of it. The X-pattern design with the combination of elegant colors gives it a cool look. It’s quite easy to put on a stick as compared to hockey tape.

3. RocketGrip Ice Hockey Stick Grip


They aim to make it stay as long as you expect a long life span of hockey stick therefore, a great deal to grab at such a low price. Like other expensive options, it also prevents hockey gloves to not let these wear off. Once you install it on a hockey stick, it does not slip from its place and move around. Colors include red, yellow, pink, white, and others. Ideal for mid-level (adults and kids) hockey sticks.

4. Grays Traction Plus Hockey Grip

Grays Hockey Stick Grips

This field hockey grip is perfect to empower a player to have strong command on a stick for better shots. The dotted skin design gives extended friction and stickiness maintaining durability and softness. It’s specially designed with a motive to improve a player’s fingertip traction after hard hits and strides. Super convenient to install even with naturally sweaty hands so you don’t need to put it into hot water to make it stretchable for installation purposes. It’s available in 3 colors including green, scarlet, and black.

5. Sniper Skin Grip

Sniper Skin Hockey Stick Grip

Thin and lightweight yet a very useful grip for all kinds of adults and junior hockey sticks. It comes along with foam tape for a customize fit and feel. Available in a variety of awesome colors and one universal size that’s compatible with all sticks.

6. Buttendz Sentry Goalie Hockey Stick Grip

Buttendz Sentry Goalie Stick Grip

Protect your hockey stick from the break-in factor for the long run by having this performance-driven goalie hockey stick grip on it. It has a slightly bigger knob as compared to the other so you have an advantage with an improved control during poke checking or grasping stick off the ice. Usually, hockey grips are made for one-time use after installation but this Buttendz Sentry version of goalie grip is switchable between the sticks. The grip length measures 6.5 inches in length.

7. RUSSIANGRIP Senior Hockey Grip

Senior Hockey Grip

Last but not least is the RUSSIANGRIP senior hockey grip that is gonna save you a couple of bucks as well as taping your stick handle again and again in a single hockey season.

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