Wanna be more agile and perfect in movements while being on ice? For this, you must work hard on your skating abilities. The more you train, the more you will get better in your performance. But the issue is that you may not always have access to an ice hockey rink therefore, a hockey slide board is a great alternative to keep you going whenever or wherever you are. It’s kind of a slick hockey tile and shooting pad with exception of rebounders on both sides. Just put it on any flat surface and start training. It improves a hockey player side to side movements making him more professional in pivoting a puck into the goal as well. We have put together 5 top hockey slide boards, whatever you choose will serve you equally best.

Hockey Slide Boards

1. Better Hockey Extreme Slide Board

Better Hockey Extreme Slide Board

This Better Hockey slide board strengthens your body muscles to boost the level of your strides providing a similar platform like an ice rink. It features a customizable design that can extend a maximum of up to 8 feet long so you can adjust the length according to place and your training requirements. The rubber wedges on both ends ensure that you have proper balance while gliding. 3 different pairs of (S, M & L) booties come along. It has positive feedback from many NFL hockey players so don’t hesitate to invest in this slide board.

2. SPRI Ice Hockey Slide Board

SPRI Slide Board

Perfect hockey slide board by SPRI to get yourself prepared for facing opponents in the rink improving self-balance and stability. It has enough weight on both sides that prevent slippage and keeps it intact with the floor during training. It rolls down easily and comes with a storage cover so you can transport it anywhere. A bonus one size fits for all bootie sets included.

3. Hockey Revolution Sliding Training Tiles

Hockey Revolution Sliding Training Tiles

Need a big platform to try out a variety of hockey techniques indoors or backyard of your house? Opt for this giant hockey sliding training set. It comes in a bundle pack of twenty pcs of tiles, four stoppers, one slipper pair, and two rubber mats. Ideal to train yourself for all types of hockey agility and stickhandling skills. The tiles feature an easy-to-follow interlocking mechanism so simple to assemble together with the sliding board according to your preferred length.

4. Proguard Hockey Slide Board

Proguard Hockey Slide Board

Feeling weaker in your hockey sliding techniques and looking for an impeccable alternate option to ice? We will recommend you this Proguard hockey slide board. The weatherproof construction makes it ideal for both inside and outside use. Each side has a bumper to keep you safe and in place when sliding on it.

5. Balance 1 Slide Board

Balance 1 Hockey Slide Board

If you want to buy a slightly cheap yet quality hockey slide board, this Balance1 is the right deal to grab. Made of special PP material so very sturdy and durable. They also incorporate reinforcement on the ends to avoid moving or breaking. The length measures 7.5ft long. It comes in a carrying case and a pair of over-the-shoe booties is also there. Available in black and blue colors.

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