A shooting pad is a great training aid to nurture your hockey shooting skills at home when there is no busy hockey schedule or limited access to the ice rink. In this short review, we are going to brief you on the 5 best hockey shooting pads currently available on the market. Also, worth checking out hockey floor tiles.

Hockey Shooting Pads

Top Hockey Shooting Pads

1. Snipers Edge Shooting Pad

Snipers Edge Shooting Pad

The champion of the competition is the hockey shooting pad by Sniper edge. They use special silicone infusion techniques to make it highly durable ensuring availability at a low price. It features a super-slick lightweight construction and the built-in handle makes it suitable to place on any surface effortlessly. Trusted by many professional NHL as well as intermediate level hockey players. Available in different size variations.

2. Better Hockey Roll-Up Shooting Pad

Better Hockey Roll-Up Shooting Pads

The runner-up Better Hockey shooting pad gives a wide enough platform to become better in your stickhandling skills inside and outside. It’s pretty flexible and easily rolls down so you can carry it anywhere you want comfortably. The build quality is just amazing that despite being thin still enough thick to handle heavy shots for years.

3. A&R Sports Shooting Pad

A&R Sports Shooting Pad

You will be impressed with the performance of this A&R hockey shooting pad that’s. It works great with regular pucks making you feel like on a real ice hockey rink. Also, it’s gonna protect your hockey stick that might damage as a result of training on concrete asphalt tracks. There are drilled holes to attach rebounders to get more benefit out of it. The thickness is measured by 5mm.

4. Better Hockey Pro Shooting Pad

Better Hockey Pro Shooting Pad

You may be lazy in your agility and playing tactics so we will recommend you to have this another great shooting pad from Better hockey. After playing a couple of times on this pad, you will be pro in your shot accuracy, foot balance, and goals perspectives. It’s crafted using slick plastic to simulate the feeling of being on the ice and prevents rough edges build-ups on the hockey sticks. It has dimensions of 30″x60″ inches.

5. Star Hockey Shooting Pad

Star Shooting Pad

It should not let you stop playing hockey when you have no access to the ice rink. This weatherproof hockey shooting pad is ideal to use indoor and outdoor. Has a little issue with standard pucks but Green Biscuit glides quite smoothly on it. Therefore, if you buy this one, add some furniture polish to it and then it will eventually work well with all regular pucks. Not that popular brand as we discussed above but still worth buying at the price it’s available. It’s 30″ inches wide and 40″ inches long.

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