Do you have a big lot of hockey pucks that you use during training sessions or just love collecting them? You might be looking for something special to showcase these in your house. In this regard, we have put together the 5 best hockey puck display cases that you end up with at least an option to buy for you after going through the whole list. Let’s have a look.

Hockey Puck Display Cases

Top Hockey Puck Display Cases

Brand/ModelMade OfPuck CapacityColorPrice
sfDisplayWood/Glass20Black/Chery/Oak/WalnutSee Price
Legendary-YesWood6OakSee Price
DisplayGiftsBeachwood20Black/Cherry/OakSee Price
PerfectCasesWood/Glass2Black/Cherry/WalnutSee Price
BCWPlastic4Black/ClearSee Price

1. sfDisplay Hockey Puck Display Case

sfDisplay Puck Holder

This hockey puck case is made of hardwood that makes it pretty sturdy and durable. Its front is covered with a high-quality lockable door. There are various mini separate compartments to hold up to 20 pucks nicely in an organized form. Available in 4 beautiful colors including cherry, oak, black, and walnut. If you love collecting anything about your favorite ice hockey team or regardless of it, this is the best thing to showcase all major team’s themed puck in a single place.


  • Huge capacity to cater pucks
  • Exceptional built quality and nice finish


  • A bit complicated to hang on wall

2. Hockey Puck Display Rack

Puck Display Rack

Simple yet elegant hockey puck holder constructed using strong Maple wood. It has 3 layered polyurethane finish to give a nice glossy look. Quite simple to install (Comes with necessary screws and wall anchors). It holds the pucks strongly preventing them from falling down. If you are on a budget and looking for something compact and nice-looking, this is the ideal option to hold the loose pucks in a proper stylish way.


  • Simple yet clean compact construction
  • Comes along with all necessary items for installation
  • Though, it’s made for 6 pucks buy you can stack more pucks over and over


  • Apparently, there is no notable drawback.

3. DisplayGifts Hockey Puck Holder

HockeyGifts Puck Holder

The excellent display rack with the capacity to hold 20 ice hockey pucks at a time. Its mainframe featuring a solid wood construction for ultimate durability and long-time performance. There’s a high-quality crystal clear lockable door so you can keep the pucks clean, safe, and secure while adding beauty to that place where you are gonna keep it. Additionally, you can mount this case anywhere easily as it comes with pre-installed metal brackets on the backside. Three finishing colors are there to make choice from black, cherry, or oak.


  • Made with premium natural wood
  • Holds up pucks very well
  • Best quality hockey puck case for the price


  • No disadvantage having this masterpiece

4. NHL Puck Glass Case

NHL Glass Case

Have pucks signed by your favorite ice hockey player and wanna display them proudly at home/office? We will recommend you this puck holder. It’s a bit pricy but that shouldn’t be a worrying point when it comes to fulfilling your wants. On the top, it has a unique hinged closure mechanism for convenient access inside the rack. Like other puck cases, it’s also crafted using UV-protected double-layered glass to achieve optimum durability and performance. There are two acrylic holders for displaying pucks.


  • Looks elegant and very durable
  • Easy to mount
  • Good for gift giving


  • Least puck holding capacity

5. BCW Hockey Puck Display Case

BCW Hockey Puck Holder

Last but not least is the crystal clear puck case by BCW. It has a black base that looks good with black pucks. The glass is of premium quality that doesn’t break so easily. It also doesn’t turn into yellowish color because of anti UV protection coating. You can use it for displaying 4 standard-sized pucks.


  • It doesn’t fade over the time
  • Great to display on tabletop or shelves


  • Probably some people will find it overpriced


We hope this brief review of the hockey puck display cases will assist you to choose the best puck holder as per your requirements. If you still have any suggestions or questions regarding our above list of hockey puck holders reviewed, please write us down in the comment section below. We would always like to hear you.

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