Best Hockey PantsIf you are looking for the best hockey pants, you are in the right place. A hockey pant plays a very crucial and important part in terms of protection and covers critical parts of your body like hips and lower backbone. It carries different protective pads such as Cup Jocks which are worn under the hockey pants to avoid any sudden injuries to the testis and other lower body parts during playing hockey.

Having good quality and flexible pair of hockey pants is a key to boosting the performance level as you will not lose your focus from the game about tearing of pants, mobility, or something like that. There are many brands out there offering different level hockey pants but Bauer, CCM, Easton, and Sherwood are prominent names in manufacturing the best senior hockey pants. We have compiled a list of the top 5 best hockey pants to make it easier for you to choose the right and quality pants. Don’t forget to check out the other hockey equipment reviews.

Best Hockey Pants 2024

Pants ModelSizeWeight (Pounds)Price
Bauer Nexus 800Senior1See Price
CCM QuickLite 230Junior, Senior1.9See Price
STX Surgeon RX 2.1Junior, Senior2.2See Price
Easton Stealth S3Junior, Senior4See Price
Sherwood T90Senior3See Price

Answers to Some Common Questions

What are the main things to consider while buying hockey pants?
  • Make sure you buy a hockey pant that covers all your critical body parts including kidneys and other vital organs.
  • Check whether all segmentations of hockey pants fit properly on your body.
How much does a hockey pant cost?
The price of hockey pants normally ranges from $20-$300
How will I know what hockey pant size is perfect for me?
Measure the waist properly keeping the tip of measuring tape exact on your belly button and follow all along the circumference of your body waist. Then compare it with the seller’s hockey pants sizing chart to know the actual size that fits you perfectly. That’s simple!
What are the top brands of hockey pants?

There are many brands of hockey pants but the following are the best knowns on the market.

How long should a hockey pant last?
It totally depends on your selection and usability of hockey pants. They come in three different qualities low, medium and high-quality pants.

A low-quality hockey pants even available at a cheap price but it does not stay for long and ripped off after usage of very few times.

The medium quality hockey pants are suitable for part-time hockey players not for professional hockey players.

We will always recommend you to invest in high-quality hockey pants. They are expensive but going to stay for the long run with you and they also provide full comfort and satisfaction.   

Bauer Nexus 800 Player Hockey Pants

Bauer is very famous for designing and manufacturing hockey equipment. The Nexus 800 is a prime example of their hockey pants. High-Density foam is used in the construction of this hockey pants. It is very dynamic in nature that can be molded and stretched easily according to the situation of the game. It consists of split thigh pads for smooth mobility and makes the pants abrasion free. The Bauer’s Nexus 800 hockey pants come up with a padded belt and buckled with skate laces to keep the pant tight enough.

It has been designed with aiming to maintain a high level of protection. The hip guard is molded in the shape of a dome that ensures maximum comfort. It also consists of a segmented kidney collar for the safety of kidneys against injuries that may occur due to the collision between the players during the play. A ventilation panel is used in the back to keep the hockey pants fresh and dry. There is a zip on the front side of each pant leg to stretch the leg gussets easily.

No doubt, The Bauer Nexus 800 hockey pant is a compact product that offers great protection but it could be more improved by reducing the weight of pants for easy movement.



  • Good for shot-blocking.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • It provides great comfort and protection from sudden injuries.



  • Not received yet any negative feedback from the consumers.

CCM QuickLite 230 Best Value Hockey Pants

We guess many people know the name CCM who has been touched with the play of hockey. It is a world-renowned brand of hockey equipment. They include almost every gear of hockey in their product lines such as hockey sticks, shin guards,  knee pads, and many others. The Quicklite 230 is quality and the best value hockey pants by CCM. It comes with a nylon pole system along with a belt for a better grip of pants. There is a lace fastening system as well for the easy and extra grip of pants.

The CCM 230 hockey pants feature contour shaped plastic molded PE caps in kidney and hip areas to provide a hockey player maximum protection. These caps are backed by medium density foam so it helps keep the pants lightweight and more breathable. In the front sides of the pant, there is a thick molded PE die guard to increase the level of comfort and protection. A segmented foam is used in the sides of pants for easy movements.

There is a plastic insert spine pad that consists of medium density foam. It plays a very important role in high-pressure games when chances of back injuries and falling onto the hard-surfaced ice become high. The back is partially contained light-weight polyester that is stretchable and offers cool fit. In the middle of the backside, there is an elastic gusset that makes the pant more flexible and hence you will not face any problem during your skating stride.

The CCM QuickLite 230 pant is the best option for those players who are looking for more agility and quickness in their hockey strides.



  • A great piece of product available at a very reasonable price.
  • Suitable for Intermediate and recreational level hockey players.
  • Lightweight and easily stretchable.



  • There is nothing negative to describe in these hockey pants.

STX Surgeon RX 2.1 Ice Hockey Pants

STX is another popular brand that crafts different hockey equipment which includes but not limited to hockey sticks, hockey skates, and hockey helmets. Here we are going to talk about their hockey pants. The STX Surgeon RX 2.1 is one of the best hockey pants in their product line. It features three layers of high-density foam in kidney pads that act as a shield against severe injuries that may occur as a result of the collision between players.

Moreover, it also consists of the high-quality spine and low bone foam pads to enhance the level of protection and reduce the impacts of abrasion. The STX RX 2.1 uses a zipper system for the extra movement that allows you to play the pull shot confidently. Its stretch panels in thigh areas provide some great elasticity for better puck shots.



  • Enough flexible for easy movement.
  • Ventilated system for quick evaporation and cooling effect.
  • Compact and sturdy



  • We did not find any weakness in this STX hockey pants.

Easton Stealth S3 Hockey Pant

Like other brands Bauer and CCM, Easton also manufactures some of the top quality hockey products. We are going to look at their Stealth S3 hockey pants. It features a poly-rib insert with a single density foam throughout at the top that covers thigh and kidney areas. For the closure system, they use a typically padded tongue with a simple buckle so you just have to pull the nylon belt to the point where you feel it fit and buckle will automatically tight the belt at that same point itself.

In the middle of both front and back sides, a two-way stretch crotch is used for more flexibility and easy movement. A 200D nylon material is used in Easton Stealth S3 hockey pants to keep the pants lightweight. For the protection, they have hips and spine pads just kind of low-density foam with poly ribbed inserts to provide maximum safety and protection against any mishap.



  • Best value product.
  • Perfectly fits according to Easton’s sizing chart.
  • Suitable for recreational level hockey.



  • Back hip pads are not up to the mark and may damage after the usage for a couple of times.
  • Havier and bulkier.

Sherwood True Touch T90 Hockey Pants

The Sherwood T90 hockey pant has kidney pads consists of medium density foam that provides some real comfort and protection in the thigh and kidney areas. The molded plastic inserts come with high-density foam that offers a nice anatomical wrap around the legs for easy movement and better protection. 80% of the exterior consists of 420 denier nylon material that is more durable and lightweight so it will help a player to boost up his performance.

There is a ventilation system down in the inner groins for airflow to keep the pants fresh. A zipper system is used on both legs that increase the mobility of a player. Let’s talk about its fastening system, there is a casual lace up in the front side and two nylon belts. One belt keeps the laces in place and other belt wraps all around the pant for perfect fit.



  • Lightweight and flexible.
  • A ventilation system for airflow.
  • Recommended for Intermediate level play.



  • Overpriced as compared to the overall quality.

Final Verdict

Having said that each and every hockey equipment plays its part in the sport of hockey. A hockey pant also has a vital role in terms of protection and fitness. So we hope our list of the above-reviewed hockey pants will make it easier for you to select the best hockey pants as per your hockey requirements. If you still have questions or concerns, shoot us an email or write us down in the comment section below. We will be more than happy to help you out.

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