You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for the best comfortable hockey referee pants. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional referee, there are several options for trousers to choose from.

In addition to typical pants, hockey referees may wear padded pants which you can buy online and from your local sportswear outlets. Padded referee hockey trousers include extra padding in crucial spots to protect you in difficult situations.

In this guide, we’ll show you the top 8 best hockey referee pants. These pants are very breathable, last a long time, and are reasonably priced starting from ($35-$175).

Best Hockey Referee Pants

1. Bauer Padded Hockey Referee Pants

Bauer Padded Hockey Referee Pants

These high-quality pants for ice hockey referees are made to last and keep their level of comfort for a long time.

They have high-quality nylon backing, special technology, and low and medium-density foam pads respectively.

In addition, they have an elastic waistband and two Velcro-secured pockets, one on the front and one on the back. Also, the package comes with a safety belt that can be taken off.

2. The 100% R-Core DH Men’s Referee Pant

The 100% R-Core DH Men's Referee Girdle

These pants are made to fit well and feel good on your body. On the inside, they have a mesh lining to keep you from getting chafed.

The legs of the trousers are perforated with a laser, which helps to promote the circulation of air around the legs.

For extra comfort, the pants have a silicone print gripper on the inside of the waistband. With all of these features, these pants are a great choice for any junior or senior hockey official.

3. CCM PP9L Hockey Referee Pants

CCM PP9L Hockey Referee Pants

The referee pants are comfortable to wear all day long and are lightweight. They are stretchy and breathable thanks to the polyester blend that makes up their construction.

In addition, they include a waistline that can be adjusted with a drawstring and two pockets on both the front and the back.

The PP9L pants are available at reasonable prices online and in your local nearby sports gear outlets.

4. Powertek V3.0 Hockey Referee Pants

Powertek V3.0 Hockey Referee Girdle

These Powertek referee trousers are a fantastic option for an official who is concerned about their spending limit.

Constructed out of 100% polyester and comes with a belt and snaps to be used as suspenders.

They feature one rear patch pocket and two front slash pockets, and the Powertek logo is stitched in white on the rear patch pocket.

Also, they are sold unhemmed, which allows them can be adjusted to fit people of varying heights.

5. Stevens Padded Hockey Referee Pant

Stevens Padded Hockey Referee Pant

Your lower body will be protected by the pants from the Stevens while you retain proper mobility due to the design of these pants.

In addition to the regular foam that covers your thighs and hips, they also have a molded plastic shell that absorbs impact.

These pants come with a kidney belt that is formed of an anatomically correct mold of plastic.

When you want to attend games at a slower speed, you may take off the waistband since it is detachable and customizable.

6. CCM HPREF Referee Hockey Pant

CCM HPREF Referee Hockey Pant

The CCM referee trousers provide protection and comfort on par with those of professional gear. They include protected jocks and large elastic waistbands for a comfortable fit.

These pants are meant to protect your knees, legs, and lower back in the event that you officiate a game that involves heavy striking or a game that is fast-paced for recreational purposes.

7. Force Recreational Referee Pant

Force Recreational Referee Pant

The Force referee pants offer the perfect balance between style and functionality. They are made out of a heavyweight double-knit polyester fabric that is 100% polyester, and they have two slash pockets on the front and two rear pockets.

The front pockets provide room for whistles (one with Velcro closure). In addition, the pants include a nylon belt and suspender buttons, which together provide a snug fit.

8. CCM PG100 Hockey Referee Pant/Girdle

CCM PG100 Hockey Referee Girdle

These CCM PG100 pants offer an ergonomic fit, built-in impact protection, and a low-profile design among its many key qualities.

The typical foam lining of the trousers provides sufficient coverage over the hips and thighs, while the injection-molded plastic that runs down the tailbone provides additional impact protection.

Additionally, they come with a cushioned kidney belt that has an anatomical contour. For games with less intense action, the girdle can be removed.

Final Words

To wrap up our review of how to choose the best pants for hockey referees, we’ll say again that they should be comfortable and useful while still providing enough protection to keep them from getting injured suddenly.

These pants must be designed in a way that the official can move freely and have built-in protection.

At least they should have standard foam on the thighs and hips to protect you and molded plastic at the tailbone to help protect against impact and injury.

Lastly, they should also have a single belt closure and a kidney belt that can be taken off for games that aren’t as fast-paced.

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