Whether you’re shopping for a junior or an adult, you’ll want to choose high-quality hockey padded shirts that fit properly. Buying a high-quality hockey shirt will help protect you from injuries that can occur while playing the sport. In addition to protecting you from physical injuries, you’ll also be able to feel more comfortable while playing hockey. In this guide, we are going to show you the best-padded shirts that are equally ideal for inline and ice hockey players.

Hockey Padded Shirts

Top Inline & Ice Hockey Padded Shirts

1. TOUR Adult Code 1 Hockey Shirt

TOUR Adult Code 1 Hockey Shirt

They have designed the TOUR Adult Code 1 padded shirt with protection in mind. With raised dual-density foam padding, this padded unit helps disperse the force from impacts and extends the range of motion. A 4-way stretch drylex base moisture-wicking material also keeps it close to the body, ensuring a dry and comfortable feel. And the high-tech interior features Air-Mesh vents to allow air to flow and cool the body. As a bonus, it’s made from 100% polyester for breathability and durability.

2. CCM Hockey 150 Padded Shirt

CCM Hockey 150 Padded Shirt

The CCM RBZ 150 is a new addition to the company’s line of inline hockey gear. It is lightweight and comfortable and features PE foam on the shoulders and sternum for added protection. The material is also breathable, and it allows for an excellent fit and movement. The short sleeves and regular cut make this shirt easy to wear and move in. It’s available in two styles: standard and compression.

3. HK Army Chest Protector Hockey Shirt

HK Army Chest Protector Hockey Shirt

An HK Army Chest Protector Hockey shirt can be an excellent investment. This piece of protective clothing is designed for high-impact performance with comfort in mind. The elastic material provides maximum protection, and it can be worn underneath shoulder pads. These chest protectors are lightweight and durable, and they also feature a cooling agent to prevent overheating. They cost approximately $65 new.

4. TUOYR Padded Compression Hockey Shirt

TUOYR Padded Compression Hockey Shirt

It’s a great padded compression shirt that provides additional protection in high-impact areas without sacrificing comfort and mobility during high-pressure games. The shirt’s poly/spandex construction and perforated foam allow the padded components to stay in place without restricting the user’s range of motion. A unique stretch mesh composition makes it ideal for all types of sports especially inline hockey. Additionally, this shirt has low-profile padding and wraparound padding to protect vulnerable areas. A high compression fit keeps players’ muscles, bones, and joints protected. 

5. Alkali RPD Visium Padded Hockey Shirt

Alkali RPD Visium Padded Hockey Shirt

This padded short has been designed for all-level intermediate and senior hockey players. hockey players. It features a stretch lycra material that allows for a secure fit and is designed to provide enhanced protection in the most vulnerable areas. The shirt’s 3D Flex foam provides enhanced protection in key areas without sacrificing mobility and airflow. It also features a padded collar that provides superior comfort and coverage while reducing chaffing. Definitely, worth buying gear!

Final Words

Wrapping up our review on the best-padded hockey shirts, again we will recommend you to invest in a shirt that offers the right amount of protection for your body as well as close-to-body protection for your upper arms. Most of these shortlisted padded shirts are made of perforated foams and moisture-wicking materials, which help keep you cool and comfortable without sacrificing protection. So, therefore, no matter, which one you choose out of these, you will happy with your purchase!

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