When it comes to hockey, you may victim of neck and shoulder injuries during playing the game. Having a proper hockey shirt equipped with a neck protector can help you in such situations. If you are looking for the best hockey shirts with neck guards, you are in the right direction. We have put together the top 3 neck guard shirts that will protect your neck throughout your practice sessions and professional hockey games. Let’s check these out;

Hockey Shirts With Neck Guards

1. Bauer S19 Hockey Neck Protect Shirt

Bauer S19 Hockey Neck Protect Shirt

In terms of neck protection, the Bauer S19 compression shirt is an excellent option. This shirt features cut-resistant protection, an adjustable collar, and flatlock seams to minimize chafing. The Sanitized(r) technology is also an added benefit, preventing bacteria growth. These features make it a vital option for hockey players who are constantly exposed to contact with pucks and blades.

2. PowerTek v7.0 Hockey Shirt With Neck Guard

PowerTek v7.0 Shirt

A high-quality hockey shirt that’s both comfortable and protective, the PowerTek V7.0 is an ideal selection for anyone looking for a high-quality solution. It has a prebuilt neck pad that’s approved to offer neck protection. The shirt’s strengthened textile fibers also serve to shield the wearer against cuts and lacerations. Its design also helps to keep players cool while yet allowing for plenty of ventilation and air movement. Available in a range of styles, ranging from short sleeves to long sleeves.

3. CCM Neck Protection Hockey Shirt

CCM Neck Protection Hockey Shirt

If you’re interested in purchasing a protective shirt for your neck, consider the CCM BNQ Shirt. It features a contoured fit for added comfort and mobility. Moreover, this breathable fabric offers superior cut protection. You can use it for practice sessions and for everyday wear in the office. Moreover, this breathable material allows you to move freely. It also helps protect your neck when you’re wearing a hockey helmet.


When it comes to ice hockey protective gear, a lot of things matter, and hockey neck guard shirts are one of them. If you want to protect your neck and keep your neck warm, you need to wear a quality hockey shirt with a neck guard. Always give priority to quality and protection over price.


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