Hockey is a fast pace game where every player tries to be more agile and skillful than the opponents to hit the puck into the goal. In this scenario, chances of sudden mouth injuries increase due to collision or falling down on the ice. Therefore, it’s necessary to protect your jaws with a proper mouthguard. In this guide, we are going to show you the best hockey mouthguards that meet the standards of the professional National Hockey League NHL.

Best Hockey Mouthguards

Best Hockey Mouthguards Review

1. Adapt Athletics Hockey Mouthguard

Custom Sports MouthGuard

First on the list and our personal favorite mouthguard by Adapt Athletics. It’s quite durable and features thick construction so resistant to high impacts and gives ultra protection covering a wide area of the mouth that other competitors fail to offer. If you have had ever dealt with typical mouth guards, you probably faced airflow blockage or were unable to conversate. With this hockey mouth guard, you will have sufficient airflow and easy moveability due to its flexible design. Naturally, one size fits for all and helps keep the teeth and jaw alignment in good shape. It comes in 5 elegant colors including green, red, black, pink, and blue.

2. Power-Fit Hockey Mouthguard

Power Fit Mouthguard

The shell of this hockey mouth guard has a dual wall construction that absorbs the high impacts and distributes in bits throughout the guard to shield your teeth and jaw. Simple and easy fitting process. Also, a great alternative to bubble gum to chew while playing without breaking it out. Various colors are there to make a choice. As recommended by many professional hockey players so go ahead confidently and buy one for yourself.

3. Aero NextGen Mouthguard

Aero NextGen Mouthguard


This hockey mouthguard is extremely lightweight and has 50% slim design construction as compared to the other models that offer optimum performance and allow players to move their tongues freely. It molds to teeth like Invisalign braces and makes you feel way comfortable to breathe. It comes along with an easy-to-follow instructions guide.

4. MENOLY Youth Hockey Mouth Guard

Youth Hockey MouthGuard

Made of good quality FDA approved EVA food-grade material so there are no side effects to use it. The double-thick layered construction provides extra protection against any mishap and hitting to the ground during the game. Suitable for adults and junior hockey players.

5. AiBOB Sport Mouthguard

AiBOB Hockey MouthGuardPerfect mouthguard for junior hockey players to stay safe while playing on the ice rink. Crafted using premium silicone material that is pretty durable and flexible so it doesn’t tear off even on rough use. It features a multilayer construction to become shocked resistant in order to prevent your teeth, and gums from sudden injuries. Available in 4 beautiful colors consisting of white, pink, blue, and black. Ideal for senior and mid-level hockey players.

6. Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouthguard

Double Braces Mouth Guard

Shock Doctor is quite a popular brand in designing and manufacturing sports protective equipment. This mouth guard is an example of their quality products. They incorporate medical standard silicon material in its construction to get the maximum performance out of it staying safe. The unique ortho channel design allows you to breathe comfortably. Ready to put on your teeth straight out of the box without the need for molding. It comes in two versions “Strapped” and “Strapless”. Also, available in multiple colors.

7. Venum Challenger Hockey Mouthguard

Venum Challenger Mouthguard

If you are looking for a cheap hockey mouthguard yet good enough to serve the purpose, this is the right choice to opt for. The simple gel frame offers nice protection throughout your time on the playing field. You may need to mold it before taking full advantage of this piece of hockey gear. A storage case is included in the package. Various colors are there to choose from.

8. Oral Mart Sports Mouth Guard

Oral Mart Sports Mouth Guard

Lastly, we have a hockey mouth guard from Oral Mart that is slightly different from all the above options as it comes along with a strap. You can fix it with your helmet in order to prevent bacterias in case if it slips down from your mouth. They use latex-free silicon in their manufacturing that is approved by medical authorities so you can trust this product. A step-by-step guide on “how to use a hockey mouthguard?” is included in the package.


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