The right way to find the best hockey backstop nets is to research the different types and features, as there are many brands offering their products. In general, a hockey backstop net is an integral part of any hockey team, so it’s vital to do your research before you buy. For example, a backstop should last for years. You can also look for a backstop net that’s made of PVC. It will be lightweight and portable, which will allow you to move it from one place to another if you need to. A good one will be easy to install in public places. This will allow you to practice at home without having to worry about losing it. A high-quality backstop will not only help your team win but will also protect the rink. It’s a must-have accessory for any game.

Best Hockey Backstop Nets

Top Hockey Backstop Nets

BrandMaterialColorSize (FBM)Price
Hit Run StealKnotted NylonBlack10 x 15See Price
Goal Sports InnovationNylonBlack10 x 13See Price
RinkMasterPolyethylene TwineBlack10 x 20See Price
Franklin SportsAlloy Steel, PolyesterBlack12 x 07See Price
RukketNylonRed, Green12 x 09See Price

1. Hit Run Steal Hockey Barrier Net

Hit Run Steal Hockey Barrier Net

Are you looking to buy a hockey barrier net that’s cheap yet offers good performance? The Hit Run Steal backstop hockey net is perfect for you. Their hockey netting has a wide field, which prevents balls and pucks from flying into the air. They are sturdy and will block missed shots. You can use them in any sports or recreation area, and they are great for protecting your rink. They are very easy to set up and require minimal maintenance, making them a great choice for any sporting event.

2. Goal Sports Ice Hockey Backstop Net

Goal Sports Ice Hockey Backstop Net

The innovative backstop net is an important addition to your rink’s ice hockey practice area. Its pro-style frame and adjustable backboard make this portable goal ideal for practice. It also comes with a 1-year parts replacement guarantee. Unlike many other backstops, it is not susceptible to rust and has a higher resistance to pucks.

3. RinkMaster Hockey Backstop Net

RinkMaster Protective Hockey Backstop Net

This protective hockey backstop net is a portable, heavy-duty netting system that helps keep pucks in the play area. It’s made with a hemmed border and a heavy-duty rope that keeps edges from fraying or splitting. A lot of its features help to ensure the safety of players and equipment. Also, this netting is suitable for a variety of sports.

4. Franklin Sports Backstop Net

Franklin Sports Hockey Net

It’s made to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, including heavy rainfall and high winds. The Franklin hockey backstop net is intended to be permanently installed on an outdoor court, but it can be removed and stored in a closet if the weather is too hot. It is also highly portable, so you can use it in public areas or even take it home with you when you’re not playing hockey. And because it’s collapsible, it’s easy to transport and store.

5. Rukket Hockey Backstop Net

Rukket Hockey Backstop Net

Another excellent backstop net for practicing hockey. It’s a sturdy and flexible net that’s ideal for any kind of hockey puck-shooting drill. Even if your team plays on hard surfaces, it can withstand the impact. A single unit of the barricade net is enough to keep a whole team in check, so you can practice a few times before the real game.


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