It’s quite hard to find the right floorball stick in case you’re a beginner-level player. You must have a proper stick to enjoy the full charm of playing this sport, which is also named uni-hockey. Thankfully, there are numerous places where you have hands-on different sticks. But you can also read reviews about floorball sticks to ensure you buy the best one. Here we have lined up the top 10 floorball sticks that include options for junior as well as senior players.

Best Floorball Sticks Review

Top Floorball Sticks

Brand/ModelShaft (cm)ColorPrice
ACCUFLI XORO Z100 Stick100Black/Teal/OrangeSee Price
Salming 2020 Aero Z77/82/87/92/96BlueSee Price
Fatpipe Z-Tricks Stick80/87/92/96BlackSee Price
Oxdog Fusion 3287/96OrangeSee Price
ACCUFLI Airtek A80 Stick82Green/TealSee Price
2017 Fatpipe Spooky MX75Black/LimeSee Price
(August) 2023 Salming Xtremelite96/100/103BlackSee Price
Campus 2019 Salming Shooter 3096/100WhiteSee Price
Floorbee Falcon Pro 2696/100/104BlackSee Price
Salming Hawk Powerlite Oval103BlackSee Price

1. ACCUFLI Floorball Tricks XORO Z100 Stick

ACCUFLI Floorball Tricks XORO Z100 Stick


Outstanding floorball tricks stick that’s designed for advanced-level players who are looking to improve their skills. Its lightweight design, sturdy shaft, soft PU grip, and high-grade materials make it perfect for performing a variety of tricks and acrobatics. It is suitable for both ball hockey and floorball and can help you improve your hand-eye coordination and agility.

2. Salming 2020 Aero Z Floorball Stick

Salming 2020 Aero Z Floorball Stick

The Salming 2020 Aero Z stick is one of the most advanced models on the market. Made of Endurance(TM) material, this stick has a blade specifically shaped for z tricks and feints. Available in four different lengths, the lightweight, 77 cm model is good for intermediate and advanced players. The Flame Red version has a softer and more responsive feel, which is nice for developing fundamental skills.

3. Fatpipe Z-Tricks Stick

Fatpipe Z-Tricks Floorball Stick

The Fatpipe Z-Tricks Floorball sticks are designed for right-handed and left-handed players. It features a custom curve and a toe pocket for practicing Z tricks. The stick is constructed of lightweight but durable fiberglass, and the soft PU grips make it easy to hold while playing. It’s also a game legal so an absolute choice for amateur and intermediate players alike.

4. Oxdog Fusion 32 Floorball Stick

Oxdog Fusion 32 Floorball Stick

The Oxdog fusion 32 floorball stick is an excellent choice for players of all skill levels. It features a round grip profile and a composite-material shaft. Its dazzling orange and green blades will help you dominate the court. The ultralight stick is really meant for players with shorter arms. It is certified by the International Floorball Federation, which means it is durable and long-lasting.

5. ACCUFLI Airtek A80 Floor ball Stick

Another elegant stick by ACCUFLI that offers great performance in the game of football hockey. With a wide ball juggling area and durable shafts, the Airtek A80 provides superior comfort and control. The Airtek features a XORO blade with ball pockets that allow for more creative play and tricks. It’s also available in three different lengths, with the A80 being the longest.

6. 2017 Spooky MX Straight Blade Stick

2017 Spooky MX Straight Blade Stick

This is the latest addition to the line of the straight blade floorball hockey sticks. The particular model has a total length of 95 cm and a flex 33 shaft. It features a Lime green blade and a black grip for a classic look. The blade is slightly harder than the Campus 36/34 sticks, which means that it will have an extra-long lifespan

7. (August) 2023 Salming Xtremelite Floorball Stick

(August) 2023 Salming Xtremelite Stick

The Salming XtremeLite is one of the premium performance sticks among its competitors. It has a 30 mm flex, making it ideal for players that weigh between 50 and 60 kg. Boasting an ergonomic design that ensures a great feel of the ball. Among its many advantages, this stick is certified by the International Association of Floorball Federation (IAF).

8. Campus Shooter 30 Floorball Stick

Campus Shooter 30 Floorball Stick

The campus shooter 30 floorball stick is a powerful, beginner-level stick with a composite shaft and shooter blade. It also has a base grip and features a pre-curved heel and double horizontal cavity to help produce sharp shots. This model is available in 92, 96. and 100 cm lengths, making it a vital choice for a beginner or hobbyist.

9. Floorbee Falcon Pro 26 Floorball Stick

Floorbee Falcon Pro 26 Floorball Stick

An exclusive sleek and clean-designed floorball hockey stick with a black upper and matte finish that makes it suitable for either on- or off-wave play. It’s also comfortable to hold, with the shaft’s blade extending one to two inches above the belly button. This stick is sizing dependent on the length of the shaft, with shorter sticks providing greater reach, and longer sticks giving you better control.

10. Salming Hawk Powerlite Oval Stick

Salming Hawk Powerlite Oval Stick

The Hawk Powerlite floorball stick is a new addition to the Salming line. It features a slimmer shaft that includes four notches to fit a slimmer player. This makes it viable for players of all skill levels. However, older sticks may not fit in the blade and can break at the lower portion. The lighter weight of the Purity grip makes it stand out from other models. While it’s similar to Tourlite WetTac, it is significantly stronger than its predecessor.

Choosing The Best Floorball Sticks

It’s not quite easy to find the right floorball stick in case you don’t have any prior experience in this game. We will suggest you first visit any local floorball club and examine how different players play using different types of sticks. Else, go to a local sports outlet and have hands-on various floorball sticks. Let’s go ahead and see other factors to consider when finalizing your decision for investing in a floorball stick.

Body Side

Select a stick that naturally fits into your hands and makes you feel comfortable to play from either the right-hand side or left-hand side.

Stick Length

Short-length sticks offer more control over the ball while a full-length stick gives you extended reach towards the ball. With a small size stick, you more frequently have to bend to hit the ball and you may end up with back pain. The correct size should be approximate, starts one end from the ground and the other end should come to your body navel. The following floorball stick shaft size chart will help you understand it.

floorball stick shaft sizing charts


You may have noticed that every floorball stick has a specific number that indicates its flex rate. Usually, it’s presumed that the more stick turns, the more flexible it is. In other words, the new or recreational players tend to choose sticks with more flex whereas the senior professional football players go with sticks having low flex rate.

Floorball Stick Flex Size


Most manufacturers use different materials in making of floorball sticks to meed the budget and needs of different level players. They commonly use plastic, fiberglass, carbon, and composite materials in their construction. Sticks made of plastic are relatively cheap but fragile and ideal for kids, beginers, or part timers.

Those floorball sticks which are cratfted using a combination of fiberglass/composite materials are more durable, a bit pricy but offer a long lasting satisfactory performance. Lastly, they use carbon material to make the sticks lightweight while maintaining a high level of flexibility, durability and performance for every player.


As the blade is backbone of the stick so keep in mind two things about the blade when buying a floorball stick. Its hardenss and concavity level. They use soft, medium, and hard materials in the blade. The blades constructed with toughest material are considered the best among others to shoot the floorball ball out of the park!

Talking about concavity, several blades have a builtin ball pocket and bent a little bit at the end to catch the ball nicely. It’s vital for shooting. You can go with a straight blade if multiple players use the same stick for training purposes.


As the shaft of floorball sticks have two types of shapes round and oval so the grips also come accordingly. The more you to invest in a nice quality stick grip will provide you moisture free environment and firm grip over the stick without making your hands sticky. And an inexpensive and cheaply made grip will lack these features and tear away very soon.


We hope you found our brief thoughts on each floorball stick valuable. Among various factors, while selecting floorball sticks, price, material, and concavity of the blade are the basic things that you should look at. Moreover, you also have to look for the types of sticks that you can examine by visiting your local sports club. Then, compare the different types and decide which one suits your needs best. If you still have any questions or suggestions, you can reach out by commenting to us below, we always appreciate hearing from our readers!

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