Purchasing floorball balls should be a simple process once you have a clear idea of what you need. There are plenty of different options, but the important thing to remember is to choose the right size. Getting the right size is essential for safety and to avoid injury. You should also consider the weight of the ball since the lightest ball will break easily. In this guide, we’re going to show you the best football hockey balls for training as well as professional games currently available on the market.

Best Floorball Balls

Best Floorball Hockey Balls

BrandMade OfColorUnitsPrice
ACCUFLI FloorballHard PlasticBlue, Orange, Mix6See Price
Salming Aero FloorballPlasticWhite4See Price
Hockey RevolutionHardwoodBrown12See Price
Franklin SportsPolymerWhite30See Price
Fatpipe FloorballPlasticMix4See Price
EUROHOC FloorballBlendWhite1See Price

1. ACCUFLI Floorball Balls

ACCUFLI Floorball

An independent company that tests and certifies ball performance, IFF, designed and made these balls. The aerodynamic design of these balls allows for a great deal of accuracy and durability. These balls are made of high-quality materials for maximum durability. You can get six packs of floorball balls for your next tournament, and you can also buy them online and save big!

2. Salming Aero Floorball Balls

Salming Aero Ball

With their superior roundness and durability, Aero floorballs have more pits than normal floor balls. Made in Sweden, they are extremely sturdy and have a silky, smooth finishing touch. With their 100% automated production process and X-bar stabilizing ring, they are the toughest floorballs on the market. If you are looking for the best floorballs for your team, try these out, which are ideal for indoor and outdoor floor hockey play.

3. Hockey Revolution Floorball Training Balls

Hockey Revolution Floorball Training Balls

These floorball training balls are certified game balls that come in packs of twelve, giving you the convenience of a whole set in a single box. The high-quality wood construction and the uniform dimple pattern on the surface of the ball are sure to improve stick handling and ball control. This set is excellent value for your money.

4. Franklin Sports NHL Floorball Balls

Franklin Sports NHL Ball

If you’re an avid floorball hockey fan, you may want to check out the Franklin Sports NHL balls. They’re made of high-impact polymer and have an official size and weight. Also, they’ll keep you and your team on top of the game. What makes them great is that they meet all international floorball standards and are perfect for a variety of playing surfaces. This ball set will keep you and your team on top of the action.

5. Fatpipe Floorball Balls

Fatpipe Floorball Balls

These are some of the most popular floorball accessories. They are of great quality, available in a variety of colors, and are designed to help you improve your game. Choose the color you want most because different types of floorball balls have different weights. Moreover, it comes in nice packaging to store your balls when not playing the game.

6. Eurohoc Floorball Spare Ball

Eurohoc Floorball Spare Ball

Lastly, we have a wonderful perforated lightweight plastic floorball that’s perfect for playing recreational as well as professional football games. The holes in the ball reduce air resistance and friction, making it easy to control the ball. Available in packs of 24 or as singles, these balls are the perfect choice for competitive play.

Final Words

As you have already read our review of the floorball balls, you know how important this piece of equipment is. Not only does floorball require sticks for each player, but it also requires a plastic ball that plays the game. Again, to ensure you get the best ball, pay close attention to the construction of your floorball and choose the right one for your needs. There are many different brands of floorball balls, so make sure to read reviews and ask friends and teammates what they use. Then, decide what you need.


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