If you already know which field hockey stick is suitable for you and your playing style, you can simply choose the best field hockey sticks currently available on the market. This will prevent you from wasting too much money on a useless stick that you may or may not even use at all.

The key is to pick a stick that’s appropriate for your game requirements. Good-quality sticks will not only last longer, but they’ll also assist you in improving your stick-handling skills during high-pressure games. In short, before you go out and buy a stick, you should be aware of the characteristics that make a good stick.

In this buying guide, we have briefly reviewed the top 15 field hockey sticks. They are all pretty durable, reasonably priced, and offered by popular brands such as STX, Grays, TK, Gryphon, and more. Ultimately, you will be able to find a couple of the right sticks after going through the whole collection. Let’s get ahead and see what they have to offer.

Best Field Hockey Sticks

Best Field Hockey Sticks

Brand/ModelMaterialSize (In)Bow TypePrice
STX IX 901 StickCarbon34/35/36/37LowSee Price
GRAYS Surf 500Wood/Fiberglass35/36StandardSee Price
Brine C400 SeniorComposite/Carbon35/36/37StandardSee Price
TK Total 2.5 InnovateCarbon/Fiberglass36/37LateSee Price
Mazon Fusion 500Carbon/Fiberglass35/36LowSee Price
GRYPHON LazerResin/Fiberglass28/30/32/34/35MidSee Price
STX HPR 50 Field StickFiberglass33/34/35/36StandardSee Price
Byte TX1 CompositeCarbon/Fiberglass35/36/37LowSee Price
CranBarry PhoenixCarbon/Fiberglass36/37StandardSee Price
Adidas FLX Compo 4Carbon34/35/36/37MidSee Price
Kookaburra PhoenixCarbon/Fiberglass36/37LowSee Price
Ritual Velocity 25Carbon/Kevlar/FG32/34/35LateSee Price
Simbra Evo 2000Wood/FG/Carbon35/36/37StandardSee Price
Osaka Vision 10 GrowKevlar/Fiberglass32/34/35/36StandardSee Price
Dita GIGA G1 StickCarbon/FG/Aramid36LowSee Price

1. STX IX 901 Field Hockey Stick

STX IX 901 Field Hockey Sticks

Compared to the Surgeon-I, the STX IX 901 Indoor Stick has a significant improvement. Designed for top indoor players who want speed, precision, and accuracy, its carbon structure and extremely low bow design make it the ideal indoor hockey stick for them to use.

The inside construction is composed mostly of carbon fiber, with a foam component that offers a consistent feel. Furthermore, the iX 901 is lightweight, which makes it simple to lift on the cage and handle the ball with ease.

With a high-performance shaft that is comfortable and lightweight to grasp and use, it’s an ideal buy for any situation.

2. GRAYS Surf 500 Field Hockey Stick

GRAYS Surf 500 Field Hockey Sticks

Outstanding Surf 500 field hockey features a unique wood core that’s good for the game because it stops the ball from rebounding too far. With this stick, you’ll have no trouble hitting the puck into the net.

The toe shape makes it an excellent choice for players who are just getting started. Its lightweight construction allows junior players to sprint with the stick without feeling any weight on their shoulders.

Because of its carbon-based composition, it allows you to generate the most power. Its nano-enhanced resin technology delivers increased durability and prevents easy breakage.

3. Brine C400 Senior Field Hockey Stick

Brine C400 Senior Field Hockey Sticks

This stick is made up of 70% carbon fiber, which allows for greater contact with the ball. Its goal is to help players enhance their overall game and performance.

The carbon, aramid, and graphene resin systems have been fully mixed with the graphene fiber matrix in this stick to make a smooth structure.

In addition to having a sturdy heel area, this stick also has an octagonal energy-reduction design and a maxi-shaped head. Made of composite materials, it has a lightweight, responsive feel to it and is quite durable.

It also has a more mobile low backhand zone thanks to the improved low backhand zone. Advanced players will benefit from its superior 3D capabilities and more precise control.

4. TK Total 2.5 Innovate Hockey Stick

TK Total 2.5 Innovate Field Sticks

It is the TK Total 2.5 field hockey stick, which is the company’s most recent model. Its cutting-edge profile is intended to benefit players who possess a wide range of skills. This stick has a higher bow height and a late bow shape, which allows it to provide more power and drag flicking than other sticks.

A new and enhanced matrix structure enhances sensation while reducing feedback vibrations. The fiberglass and wood are used in the construction of the shaft. Furthermore, it’s strengthened with carbon straight bar reinforcement, which gives it a firmer feel.

In addition, the stick contains a special polymeric additive known as RLP (Reactive Liquid Polymer), which increases the stick’s strength and durability. The traction control surface has a very responsive touch.

Its handle has been ergonomically engineered to provide the greatest amount of comfort and control. The TK Total 2.5 Innovate is a fantastic option, whether you’re a professional or a beginner player seeking a high-quality field hockey stick.

5. Mazon Fusion 500 Field Hockey Stick

Mazon Fusion 500 Field Hockey Stick

The Mazon Fusion 500 Stick was built with the player’s ability and control in mind. It boasts a wide sweet spot, maxi head design, and sturdy carbon construction.

It also has an enhanced grip and decreased carbon content for a softer feel. The vibrant colors give good visibility and are a wonderful fit for any game.

The Fusion 500 is a superb choice for club hockey. While it may not be the finest choice for professional players, it is suitable for new players and veteran hockey players.

6. Gryphon Lazer Hockey Stick

Gryphon Lazer Stick

The Gryphon Lazer is a stick-built device specifically for beginners that provides a great combination of control and comfort. Its regular bow form provides a comfortable feel while still providing excellent accuracy.

For beginners, power is not the most important aspect, but maximum control is required in order to learn fundamental skills. This stick has both of these characteristics.

Because of its reinforced resin matrix technology, which combines fibers and resin, it’s able to produce composite materials that have outstanding long-term durability.

7. STX HPR 50 Field Hockey Stick

STX HPR 50 Field Hockey Stick

This is one of the most versatile field hockey sticks on the market. The HPR 50 stick is equipped with countervail technology, which reduces overall vibration without compromising power.

Its power core is made of thicker core material, which allows for more power transfer to the ball during play. The design of the Optimal Balance Point provides both power and a lightweight feel.

A 100 percent fiberglass structure makes it responsive and forgiving.   makes it simpler to maintain control of the ball, which is advantageous while practicing reverse-side techniques.

Moreover, the thin handle also facilitates hand placement for these skills. This stick is available in the following sizes: 33, 34, and 36. A fantastic stick for both recreational and serious players.

8. Byte TX1 Composite Hockey Stick

Byte TX1 Composite Hockey Stick

In addition to being a mid-range field hockey stick, the Byte TX1 has the ability to provide a significant amount of power from the drag flick. Using this function, the player will be able to perform his or her stroke more successfully and efficiently than ever before.

Because of the softer shaft and lower carbon content of this mid-range stick, it’s more forgiving while controlling the ball. Also, due to the slim shaft and the high-quality, curved blade, the stick’s overall durability is increased significantly.

The Byte TX1 field hockey stick is a nice choice for beginner players since it is meant to be lightweight and simple to handle while playing.

9. CranBarry Phoenix Field Hockey Stick

CranBarry Phoenix Field Hockey Stick

The composite shaft and the lightweight design of the CranBarry Phoenix make it one of the most durable sticks among its competitors. The composite matrix gives great striking power and stiffness while preserving ideal weight and durability.

Its hitting power is unsurpassed by any other field hockey stick. The Micro-head is perfect for trapping and angled backhand shots, while the Maxi head is fantastic for collecting long balls.

The stick is excellent for beginners and experienced players alike. It also comes in a range of sizes, from 28 inches to 38 inches.

10. Adidas FLX Compo 4 Field Hockey Stick

adidas FLX Compo 4 Sticks

The Adidas FLX Compo4 Hockey Stick has a large surface area, which allows for greater control of the ball during games. Its trapezoid shaft is made of fiberglass and has a rounded shape that is similar to the original design.

The rounded bow and fiberglass construction provide additional comfort. Its position in the middle of the bow assists players in maintaining control of the ball.

However, despite the fact that this stick is lightweight, it still delivers excellent control. Its tapering handle ensures that the player retains a tight grip on the ball. It’s built for both junior and adult players.

11. Kookaburra Phoenix Hockey Stick

Kookaburra Phoenix Field Hockey Stick

This Phoenix stick has a low bow blade profile and a revolutionary energy groove, which makes it a great choice for beginners. As a result of its high carbon content (95 percent), it produces great power when hitting the ball.

The “L-Bow Extreme 2.0” innovations used in the shaft help to minimize the blade bow profile while also increasing rigidity. It has been strengthened to give more control and agility, while the streamlined design improves ball-stopping and rebounding.

Innegra Edge is the lightest fiber available on the market today, resulting in a high-tech hybrid-composite construction that increases the strength and longevity of the shaft while remaining lightweight. Its reinforced backhand edge is an extra-strength area that can take a lot of hits from the forward position.

12. Ritual Velocity 25 Junior Hockey Stick

Ritual Velocity 25 Junior Field Hockey Stick

The Ritual Velocity 25 is a hockey stick made for kids and juniors. This lightweight carbon-fiberglass stick has an incredibly low bow form, which allows for more agility and speed in the air while maintaining stability on the ground.

It’s particularly well suited to energetic players who need to execute drag flicks consistently. It is simple to handle because of the lightweight and flexible nature of the material.

Younger players will have an easier time grasping and controlling the ball since the shaft and handle proportions are also smaller. Furthermore, since it is reasonably priced, even newbies can benefit from it.

13. Simbra Evo 2000 Field Hockey Stick

Simbra Evo 2000 Stick

The Simbra Evo 2000 is a highly versatile stick for any field hockey player. It’s constructed of 80% fiberglass, which provides increased strength and durability over traditional materials.

Its extreme bow, which begins behind the flicker’s body and moves forward, allows for more speed and ease throughout the strokes. It has a circular shaft for quick skills as well as individually layered carbon strands for added durability.

A thin, stretched U-hook helps to improve striking technique while also promoting optimal learning. Its curved profile helps to maintain control of the ball, making it a vital choice for outdoor play.

This high-performance sports equipment has a top-notch grip for maximum control of the hockey ball.  Because of its black and red color scheme, it’s suitable for both men and women.

14. Osaka Vision 10 Grow Bow Hockey Stick

Osaka Vision 10 Grow Bow Hockey Stick

The Osaka Vision 10 Grows Bow is a high-quality all-around stick for junior players that’s ideal for a variety of situations. It has a maximum bow point of 300mm from the head and a height of 17mm at its highest point. Power and precision are well balanced by their weight and shape.

In order to accommodate little hands, the handle is thinner, and the moderately curved design is better for younger players who want to develop their slap shooting and ball control. Also, it’s available in a broad range of color variations.

15. Dita GIGA G1 Field Hockey Stick

Dita GIGA G1 Composite Field Hockey Stick

Its 25mm bowl and J-shaped head make it a suitable stick for players who want to play in an aggressive position. This makes it simpler for the player to lift the ball and maintain greater control of the ball during play.

Furthermore, the Dita GIGA G1 is great for aerials and drag flicking. The material composition includes carbon (20 percent), fiberglass (70 percent), and aramid (10 percent) components.

Because of the lightweight structure of this stick, it’s easy to handle. It’s the most forgiving stick from Dita. Due to its low carbon content, it is very adaptable, making it a good alternative for younger players.

Types Of Field Hockey Bows/Sticks

When playing field hockey, you’ll be utilizing one of the many different varieties of bow sticks available. But what exactly is the difference between the various types of bow sticks?

There are many types of sticks, including high-bow, J-shape, Maxi head, control, and X-bow. Which is the most appropriate for you? Continue reading to find out!

Ultimately, all of these sticks can help you improve your game. However, there’s more to a bow than just its shape. Here’s a quick guide to different bow styles:


Regular sticks (20-25mm dimensions) are intended to provide a balanced performance while also assisting with more advanced maneuvers and techniques.

They also provide a significant increase in power while executing aerials and drag flicks, among other things.

Field hockey sticks with a higher carbon content than regular bow sticks provide you with greater power and stronger strikes than their rivals.

Maxi Head

The Maxi head field hockey sticks, which feature an all-around design that suits all playing positions, are the preferred choice of the world’s greatest players.

Because of the way they are designed, they give the ideal mix of power and control for abilities like flicking, deceptive slap-hitting, and other fundamentals.

Designed in Japan, and Switzerland, this stick is constructed entirely of high-quality composite materials.

Made of 3K Carbon and Toray fibers that are oriented in alternating directions to optimize performance and grip on the track.

Control Bow

When you hold your stick near your head, you are using your control bow to direct your movements. This allows you to better handle the ball and execute aerials and drag flicks with more efficiency.

The control bow is also important in your stick’s toes, as larger toes offer more surface area for striking the ball.

Power Hook

A field hockey stick is distinguished by a number of important characteristics. The toe hook slopes away from the handle by about thirty degrees, and the set-back head slopes away from the handle by around fifty to sixty degrees.

As a result of its weight and difficulty in handling, the hook was widely considered the least efficient choice during the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. The arrangement of the head and handle was not the most significant problem.

Until the mid-1990s, the ‘open’ hook was the most common form, with the horizontal head length increasing to around 110 to 115 mm on most models.

How Field Hockey Sticks Are Made?

Field hockey sticks are made from a single piece of wood, the shaft. The head is tapered from the midpoint of the striking area to the bottom curve. This provides more control over the ball.

The handle is shaped similarly to a baseball bat but is much more flexible. In addition, the hockey stick is reinforced to withstand the constant impact of the ball. The head of the stick is curved upwards from the center of the shaft.

Nowadays, the field hockey stick is made of a blend of wood and carbon fiber to provide durability. While the stiffness of the material is vital, the weight and stiffness of the stick also have a role in the overall game performance.

The modern sticks are constructed of a variety of materials with variable degrees of composite material such as Wood, Carbon, Kevlar, Aramid, and fiberglass.

The differences between them are determined by the requirements and preferences of the player. In terms of price and durability, wooden sticks are the most economical and long-lasting option for beginners.


Depending on the model, the weight of a field hockey stick might range between 530 and 560 grams. The weight you pick is determined by your own preferences as well as your ability level.

When it comes to passing and receiving the ball, lighter sticks are preferable, whereas heavier sticks are beneficial when it comes to hard striking and tackles. As a general rule, wooden sticks weigh less than composite sticks.

The use of a heavier stick, on the other hand, is desirable in some cases. Having a heavier stick that is neither too heavy nor too light is ideal in such situations.


The price of a field hockey stick depends on its quality, style, and material. Some of the higher-end sticks are quite expensive and may cost you around $99-$499 and even more.

While others are cheaper and more affordable and priced in the middle of $29-$90. It’s always a good idea to choose the right one if you are starting out in the sport.

Field Hockey Stick Size/Length

You should always purchase a stick that’s the correct length for your size. It’s important to remember that a longer stick is more stable and can help you control the ball.

The length should be suitable for your size and skill level. Usually, ideal field hockey stick sizes are around 34″ or 36″.

Forearm, wrist, and thigh lengths should all be taken into consideration when determining the length of a field hockey stick.

Some sticks are longer and heavier than others, while some are shorter and lighter than others.

The US method recommends that the stick should be inserted along the hip joint, although this method is not always reliable.

If you’re not sure how to measure your arm length, you may measure the height of your hip joint and find the height of the hip. Have a look at the following field hockey size chart for your reference;

field hockey stick sizing


There you have our review on a long haul of field hockey sticks collection. We picked a top stick from each well-known field hockey stick brand. No matter what type of player you are, you are going to have the right option for you. But again, if you are a beginner or occasional field hockey player or looking for a stick for practice, we recommend you go with a basic stick like Gryphon Lazer or Byte TX1. For professionals, we will suggest all-rounder sticks that are compact and available at good prices, such as the TK Total 2.5 and Mazon Fusion 500 sticks.

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