Purchasing a pair of right field hockey gloves is essential for every hockey player, regardless of whether they play in a recreational league or a professional league. Despite the fact that these gloves are not required, they are strongly recommended. They are comfortable and long-lasting, and they help to reduce the risk of serious injury. Not to mention that they may instill more confidence in players. If you have the proper field hockey gloves on your hands, they will provide you with the necessary protection for your hands. Listed below are some of the highest-quality and affordable gloves available for senior and junior players that you should look for.

Best Field Hockey Gloves

Best Field Hockey Gloves

Brand/ModelHand OrientationMaterialColorSizePrice
Harrow Double DownAmbidextrousFaux LeatherBlackS/M/LSee Price
STX StallionLeftSpandexBlack/YellowSSee Price
Byte RED ClubLeftNylon/SpandexRedS/M/LSee Price
IPERFORMLeftSpandexWhiteS/MSee Price
TK Total 2.5LeftPlastic/Foam/NylonBlackXXS/XS/S/MSee Price
Adidas OD AW20LeftNylon/PlasticRed/WhiteXS/S/M/LSee Price
GRAYS Int. ProRightSpandexBlack/PinkXXS/XSSee Price
Mazon StarLeftNylonBlue/Black/PinkXXS/XS/S/MSee Price
F HS Swift Full FingerLeftSpandexWhiteS/M/LSee Price
Simbra HardLeftNeoprene/RubberPink/GreenS/MSee Price

1. Harrow Double Down Gloves

Harrow Double Down Gloves

The gloves provide the most comprehensive level of protection. Depending on your preference, these gloves are available in both left-handed and right-handed versions. In this model, which is composed of synthetic leather, you will be able to play field hockey with ease. A full-flex anatomical taper, maximum density SHOK-SHORB cushioning, and a short cuff for comfort are all included in this pair of gloves The breathable mesh-backed fabric will enable your hands to breathe, while a unique Climagrip palm will provide excellent grip and optimum comfort for your hands.

2. STX Stallion Field Hockey Glove

STX Stallion Field Hockey Glove

In terms of quality, this is a perfect glove for serious field hockey players. Its dual-density construction gives the best possible protection and comfort while still allowing for exceptional agility and adaptability. In addition, this glove has an adjustable Velcro fastening to keep out the cold and rain. The anatomical fit of the gloves makes them comfortable to wear while allowing you to keep the ball in the goal. These hockey gloves are made to fit a wide range of different hand sizes.

3. Byte Field Hockey Left-Hand Glove

Byte Hockey Left Hand Glove

In both outdoor and indoor sports, the beautiful red club glove by Bytehockey provides nice protection for the left hand. This high-quality, foam-padded left-hand glove has a flexible palm for traction and is made of high-quality materials. While it does not provide impact protection, this lightweight, breathable glove is ideal for outdoor gamers who want to play in the sun. It has an ergonomically oriented design that’s intended to keep your hands comfy while you are using it.

4. IPERFORM Half Finger Hockey Glove

IPERFORM Half Finger Field Hockey Glove

The palm of the glove has a textured grip pattern, while the rear of the glove has a huge raised cushion to provide additional grip. The game’s impact-absorbing gel layer, which is abrasion-resistant, durable, and long-lasting, protects the hands from injury. Because of its lightweight and non-bulky design, it is ideal for use in the outdoors. The comfort of this field hockey glove is a priority in its design.

5. TK Total 2.5 Field Hockey Glove

TK Total 2.5 Glove

The TK 2.5 glove is lightweight and features a textured grip pattern on the palm and index finger. The inside lining of the glove is constructed of soft foam, which helps to keep your hands safe from abrasions. Its inner shell, which is made of molded plastic, is highly sturdy and will last a lifetime. The cushioned palm adds more grip and warmth to the hand. Its Velcro closure is also flexible, offering a tight fit for the best protection.

6. Adidas OD Knuckle Hockey Glove

Adidas OD Field Hockey Glove

Designed to give optimum protection while safeguarding your knuckles and fingers, the hockey glove is fabricated using high-quality materials. It is designed to wrap around your hands for a responsive fit, and it contains two hard shell cushions for increased durability. The glove’s robust material and responsive fit make it the ultimate choice for field hockey play. A robust cushioned back is also offered to provide additional protection for your wrists.

7. Grays International Pro Hockey Glove

Grays International Pro Field Hockey Gloves

This glove is one of the best choices for the average field hockey player because of its affordability. It has an ergonomic foam composition as well as a personalized fit to deliver the maximum amount of comfort and grip possible. Superior grip and comfort are provided by the ClimagripTM palm design. The use of an elasticized cloth for the handcuffs provides added comfort. It also has a moisture-wicking liner to keep your hands dry while you’re playing.

8. Mazon Star Field Hockey Glove

Mazon Star Field Hockey Glove

For comfort and protection, this full-finger, high-quality field hockey glove manufactured in Australia is a fantastic option for field hockey players. The cushioned Velcro strap provides additional protection and comfort for the wrist. Its lightweight, the comfy form make it vital for outdoor games. Constructed of lightweight Lycra and ergonomic foam to provide the best possible fit and movement. It’s also water-resistant, making it a wonderful choice for any weather conditions you may encounter.

9. F HS Field Hockey Half Finger Glove

F HS Field Hockey Half Finger Glove

Another outstanding field hockey glove is built of high-quality materials and is intended for use in competitive games. The design is both long-lasting and lightweight, and it delivers a good grip in all situations. Left-handed players are the most likely to sustain an injury during a field hockey game; thus, this glove is designed specifically for them. It is available in three different sizes: small, medium, and large.

10. Simbra Hard Knuckle Field Hockey Glove

Simbra Hard Hockey Glove

A very durable hockey glove that offers better protection. High-density foams and plastic inserts are used in this model to provide the finest potential stress absorption. In addition to having an ergo-flex thumb for easier stick contact, the glove has a segmented cuff for increased ventilation. It’s suitable for hockey players who are searching for a tough, no-nonsense hockey glove.

Why Players Should Wear Field Hockey Gloves

This protective gear is crucial for players since it provides complete coverage of their hands and fingers. When compared to standard ice hockey gloves, which only protect the fingertips and palms, field hockey gloves protect the whole hand and give adequate protection for all the fingers and hand areas. They also serve to protect the fingers from wounds and scratches caused by the ball or other players. Additionally, they may assist in decreasing the probability of harm to the players’ hands.

Types Of Field Hockey Gloves

Commonly, there are three types of gloves that we see in the sports market.

Full Gloves: They look similar to casual gloves with a full hand and finger design. A full glove will significantly decrease your ability to use your stick with any amount of force. However, the level of protection a full glove offers is definitely worth the cost. These gloves are convenient to wear as well as provide good resistance against abrasion.

Half-Finger Gloves: They just cover the palm of the left hand and are more often used by field hockey players who do not have access to additional protective gear such as gloves. Particularly designed for the left hand, which is more vulnerable since it’s exposed to a lot of impacts. Both men and women are able to wear them. The only difference between full-finger and half-finger gloves is the thickness.

No Thumb Gloves: They are great for players who play defense.   With an integrated foam cushion and high finger flexibility, this sort of glove is suitable for players of all skill levels. The STX is the most popular type of half-finger glove that does not have a thumb. They are very light and non-bulky, making them ideal for outdoor field hockey matches.

Choosing Ideal Field Hockey Gloves

  • The best field hockey gloves are built of high-density foam to provide maximum protection. Despite the fact that this sort of foam has exceptional finger flexibility, it is meant to be breathable and long-lasting. It’s also ergonomically designed to fit comfortably over the hands.
  • The padding in the palm is composed of high-density foam, which provides great impact protection and impact-absorbing capabilities. The thumb hole is strengthened to provide more strength and gripping power.
  • A decent glove should feature reinforced palms as well as a fingerless design to prevent the thumb from bending backward while playing the game. This will provide you with more protection for your hands and wrists while gaming. In addition, good hockey gloves enable you to manipulate your fingers with ease.

How much do field hockey gloves cost?

When deciding to purchase new field hockey gloves, consider the price range. When it comes to durability and features, the more costly models are generally the most robust and feature-rich. Those made of high-quality materials, such as triple-density foam and three-piece finger stalls, are your best bets. These sorts of gloves are also the most protective and comfortable since they enable your fingers to flex naturally around your stick while providing maximum protection. In addition, the most comfortable gloves to wear are those of the best quality and craftsmanship.

Expensive Field Hockey Gloves Range From $70-$180

In addition to the price, take into consideration the kind of game and the manufacturer. Inexpensive models might look cheaper, but they may need more repairs and replacements in the long run. While many hockey players may buy a single glove for one hand, most gloves are sold as a pair, so you’ll need to know which hand you’ll be using before you purchase a glove for the other hand. You may also buy both hands to make a full set if you so choose. In the event that you are playing with a group of two or more individuals, you may get gloves that fit both hands.

Inexpensive Field Hockey Gloves Range From $20-$65

Field Hockey Gloves Size Chart

Since these gloves come in various sizes, it’s always recommended to know your correct hand size prior to buying this important piece of protective field hockey equipment. On these tables, hand circumference and length typically determine glove sizes. Have a look at the following size guidelines for your reference.

Extra Small (XS): This size is best for players whose hands are 5.5 to 6.5 inches in circumference and 6 to 7 inches long. Junior players ought to use it.

Small (S): Players with 6.5–7.5-inch hand circumferences and 7–7.5-inch hand lengths use small gloves. Many female and junior male players wear this size.

Medium (M): Most adult female and male players are medium-sized. Their hand circumference is 7.5–8.5 inches, and their length is 7.5–8.25 inches.

Large (L): Players with 8.5–9.5-inch hand circumferences and 8.25–8.75-inch hand lengths use large gloves. Many adult male players are this big.

XL: Players with a hand diameter over 9.5 inches and a hand length over 8.75 inches use extra-large gloves.

Remember that brands’ sizes may vary, so check the manufacturer’s size chart. A good field hockey glove provides comfort, protection, and stick control. Some gloves include adjustable straps or closures for a custom fit. Field hockey is fun and safe when the correct size is chosen.

Final Words

We tried our best to briefly discuss the topic of how to select the right pair of field hockey gloves. Again, we will say don’t leave a glove that’s even a bit pricy but offers overall great protection to the hands and fingertips under extreme playing conditions. The list is a mix of different types of gloves (regular, half-finger, and half-finger with no thumb gloves) for different hockey players, so everyone can take advantage of this helpful buying guide.

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