The Bauer Vapor X90 hockey stick has deep double concave sidewalls with rounded corners so it provides contouring hold in the hands nice and comfortable.

Bauer Vapor X90 Stick


This is the 2 piece product that has a really nice lower stiff portion. It works very well with premium vapor dual taper so both sides of the shaft are tapered into the blade before the actual taper itself just making sure this stays stiff and rigid.

It offers some nice accuracy just like the pure saw blade profile that adds some material in the connection point from the blade to the shaft and this helps keep your blade face Square to the target when you are taking shots. Therefore, it is going to give you that pinpoint accuracy.

Light Weight

This is the upgrade version of the X80 hockey stick that features premium 12K carbon fiber for a lightweight feel and just awesome responsiveness when you are putting power into your shots and helping that with IntelliSense technology that Bauer Vapor X has used for a long time.

Kick Point

The Bauer Vapor X90 stick has a dual changing kick point meaning on low wrists and snapshots, you will have a low kick point just giving you a real quick shot release. The upper handle has been softened so it helps you to pull through and get a lot of lean into your shot giving you explosive power.

Carbon Fibers

At the end of the blade, they use a 3K carbon weave and this is one of their premier carbon fibers which makes the stick lightweight and more responsive.

Blade Core

This Vapor version of Bauer features Aerofoam 3 blade core which is a single density blade core very similar to the core used in X60 stick. It has a really consistent puck feel. You will have a great idea where those pucks sitting but it is going to be really nice and durable and stiff as well.

Overall Value

We really like this stick how that 12k carbon fiber looks throughout the shaft. You will notice the responsiveness and your shots whether it is a wrist shot, a big boom, or a slap shot, this is some high-quality carbon fiber. Therefore, you will get real good power and a lot of velocity on your shots especially with IntelliSense technology that allows you to crank and torque on the shaft. Overall, It has a great balance feel so definitely recommend it to all hockey players.

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