In this guide, we are reviewing the Bauer Vapor X80 hockey stick. Looking at shaft dimensions, it is the signature vapor micro field so there are some nice deep double concave sidewalls with rounded corners as well. The overall smaller size of a shaft compared to the rest of the Bauer line. It has a really nice contour and holds in the hands.

Bauer Vapor X80 Stick

Flex Profile

For the first time, Bauer used an Intellisense flex which is pretty awesome because it gives you dual changing kick points. So on low wrist shots, you will have a nice low kick point that flexes giving you a really nice shot or a quick shot release, and then all those big booms and slap shots. It has a softened upper handle that allows you to really torque into the shot and provide you a lot of explosive power.


The Bauer Vapor X80 stick features a two-piece design so it is pretty nice and solid. It has a nice durable feel to it. They are using a lot more carbon fiber and a lot less of the fiberglass that they use in the X70 stick and that’s what really brings a lot of lively pop into this stick compared to X70.


Into the blade, it has a nice consistent premium duel taper and pure shot blade profile that expands the connection point between the blade and the shaft. This just provides a lot more durability to the blade. It means that it has a lot better effect on accuracy because it keeps your blade face straight to your target and does not twist and opens up.

Foam Core

This Bauer X80 stick also features the Aerofoam 3 blade core which is a really nice upgrade from that 70X. It is going to be very similar to how that old Vapor X60 stick blade was constructed so it is single density all the way throughout high-quality foam inside. Therefore, it offers you a really nice puck feel wherever it is sitting.

More importantly, with the carbon fiber they used in this stick, it has a lot of pop off the blade so you will be able to put a lot of speed and velocity in those quick shots.

Overall Value

This stick has gripped tack texture on it so it has a really tacky grip. It is only about 30-40 grams lighter than the X70 hockey stick but it feels probably about a hundred grams lighter just how well they balance out the blade and they are able to move some of the weight out of that. Simply, this is a nice durable stick getting a nice jump in responsiveness so definitely check out the X80.

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