The Bauer Vapor X700 hockey stick has got rounded corners and slightly concave sidewalls that give you a little contour feel in the hands. It is also a little smaller overall diameter than the Supreme or Nexus series of Bauer hockey sticks. So this allows you to roll the wrist a little easier to angle.

Bauer Vapor X700 Stick


This is a 2-piece product that features a high-grade exposed basket-weave carbon fiber throughout the entire shaft. It offers you a lot more responsiveness and it is also a lot more lightweight as compared to X600 stick.

Hockey Taper

Getting into the taper, this is where we see the new QRT technology which stands for quick release. The taper is totally re-design and this is the first time that they have strayed away from the intelli-sense technology since the X60 sticks.

Kick Point

Bauer re-engineered this aggressive kick point that goes into the blade and it changes in shape and in size quickly so this gives you an extremely low kick point. It is really easy to quickly load it up and you will get those pucks a lot quicker than ever before.


Now getting into the blade, this is where we see the pure shot play profile and this is just extra material reinforcements between the blade and the shaft. It ensures your blade face does not open up on big shots and makes sure it stays square to the target giving you good accuracy.

Carbon Fibers

They use their 3K exposed carbon fiber into Bauer vapor X700 stick to achieve more responsiveness and pop. Most importantly, it is also a lot lighter so what this does is that it pushes the balance point up and gives you a much more balanced overall feel.


Talking about the overall look, this stick we definitely like. It has dark asymmetrical graphics and the forehand has a nice splash of white but then you flip it over pretty much and you see its carbon fiber that shines through and how’s it a great look to it.


As far as the stick feel goes, each year they are improving on these lower price point sticks getting a lot of great technology, especially with that QRT taper it is also really well balanced and it is pretty lightweight for the price. So we are gotta say each year, they are making big improvements on these lower sticks.

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