The Bauer Vapor X600 hockey stick has a nice vapor signature micro feel to shaft dimensions and these are contouring in nature with super rounded corners and double concave sidewalls. They have a smaller overall diameter as compared to the rest of the Bauer lines allowing you to roll a wrist and angle out there on the ice rink.

Bauer Vapor X600 Stick


It features a two-piece design using the carbon fiber and fiberglass blend. Its fiberglass side is heavier than the carbon fiber which provides you with a ton of durability and some good responsiveness as well.

Kick Point

Bauer uses their low kick technology in this vapor hockey stick and the same QRT taper that we see on the top-of-line sticks but they were able to engineer this to have a lightning-QRT low kick near the blade. So these are ideal for the players who are looking to get the puck off as quickly as possible but not for those players who like to load up and lean into their stick.

Blade Core

The Bauer Vapor X600 stick has a pure shot blade profile that is going to be extra reinforcement from the blade to the shaft. This prevents the blade from opening up on big shots giving it a nice pinpoint accuracy.

As far as the core goes, this is what they call their PU blade core. It provides a player good lively puck feel with nice durability.

Quality Carbon Fiber

They wrap the blade with their basket and weave carbon fiber that helps lighten the lower portion of the stick. It gives you a better-balanced feel in the hands and also adds some responsiveness and liveliness. So overall you will have some nice pop that accentuates the low kick point.

Overall Value

It features an updated graphics package that has a little more edginess to it. The Bauer Vapor X600 weighs 540 grams which still offers a pretty nice balanced feel in the hands. It is definitely something that surprised us. Bauer has also done a great job not only improving the top-line price points but also the opening price points like this X 600 as well. We mean you are getting that nice basketweave carbon fiber weave with the PU blade core all really accentuating the low kick point for the lightning-quick release.

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