This Bauer Vapor X60 hockey stick is the clear or smooth traditional coding one grip stick. It features the micro field shaft technology with double concave sidewalls as well as having nice rounded corners on it. So it has an extremely comfortable grip in your hands.

Bauer Vapor X60 Stick

Taper System

Its vapor taper provides you a nice low kick point for quick shot release as well as decreasing some of the materials on it.


Bauer uses text dream carbon material in this stick only in the vapor line that is an exceptionally lightweight feel to it as well as being really strong so they do a nice job.

New Shot Technology

Another feature that they put on this stick is the expanded throat that is the pure shot technology. It adds more strength to the blade and rigidity so as you take your shots, you are not going to get any flex towards the end of the blade. Therefore, you will have pinpoint accurate shots.

Elite Core Foam

The new core foam offers great vibration dampening with an overly lively feel and extreme responsiveness to the hands. This is the stick that can load up on slap shots as well as having that quick wrist shot as well.

Flex Points

Now when you go to take risks or snapshots and your lower hand moves up a little bit higher on the stick, it will alter the flex point so you will have a higher flex up there as well as the lower flex down there giving you the nice responsive quick snappy shot release for wrists and snapshots.

Overall Value

The Bauer Vapor X60 stick has an extremely nice balanced feel. It is a very light stick we only say it is the lightest one on the market with that shaft technology just fits great in your hand. So that is a quick review of the Bauer X60 hockey stick.

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