We are here to do a review on the new Bauer Vapor 2X skates so below the boot, we have one of the very best indoor wheels in the game. The Labeda Addictions offering ultimate grip as well as top-end speed aiding in that is the high-low Swiss bearings.

Bauer Vapor 2X Skates Review - BestHockeyProducts

Both of these are significant upgrades from what we see in the Bauer X 2.9 skates very similar to the high-low aluminum CNC chassis. It’s a little bit more of a refined finished product so you’re gonna get a better lifespan and also just some pretty good graphics on there too.

It is that high-low set up so you have bigger 80mm wheels in the rear, smaller 76mm wheels in the front giving you a really great aggressive agile stance. All connected to the Pro-TPU that has some pretty slick graphics on there all working together with one of the biggest upgrades in this skate.

The 3D lasted curve composite is the premium material that they use in their ice and roller hockey skates today. It’s incredibly lightweight and very stiff but also very thermoformable so make sure you bake these skates to get that nice custom fit because it does a great job of hugging the natural contouring shape of your foot.

Also, these feature an X rib design that has been a staple in the Vapor Line for quite some time. This adds some great stiffness and rigidity for the back of the boot so a player can get every ounce of power out of each stride.

Now new to Vapor, this year is the asymmetrical toe cap that does a handful of really cool things. It really helps to improve the fit so power has the 3D scanner they took thousands and thousands of scans of player’s feet to make sure they came up with a toe cap that will fit everyone’s foot but also really helps to reduce that negative space.

So with that reduction in space, you’re getting a more connected feel between you and the tile, and also it’s going to help really just create a little bit better energy transfer through each stride. Also, it’s much more comfortable because of its felt-line on the underside of the toe cap. It feels nice and snug but very comfortable.

Another big upgrade with the three-piece recoil tongue. It does a much better job of naturally forming around the top of your foot and has some really thick white felt Pro level some nasty flop if you’re looking for it.

Injected foam throughout as well as a nice injected plastic tongue guard to give you great impact protection to help prevent any of that lace bite from occurring but also maintaining that high level of comfort.

At the rear, we have an injected tendon guard that does have a little bit more flexibility than usual but the injected construction is very durable making sure that’s gonna last a while too. Now for some extended comfort, we have the comfort edge wraps at the collar really nice and plush.

This Bauer Vapor 2X is such a stiff boot that you need to have a little bit of giving without compromising your stability so helping to prevent any of that height ankle abrasions.

Getting into the liner some big upgrades here – this is what they call their lock fit liner. It’s a dual construction meaning that up top here really handles the majority of wicking away moisture keeping your feet dry. The down below, it has a little bit more grippy of a material to really help lock your feet in sinful or hockey is such a sweaty hot sport

Another cool upgrade is the aero foam ankle padding that’s really plush. You’re gonna notice this your for the first time slipping these skates on especially if you’ve used Vapor in the past. The overall thickness and overall plushness have been taken to a new level so they almost feel broken in and pillows on your feet with high in absolute performance for a great balance as well.

For the footbed, this is their lock fit plus that’s because it has a nice grippy texture in the heel cup when you’re playing especially in that last period you want to make sure your feet aren’t starting to slide around with all that extra sweat in there you even have some in the toes as well.

Anice thick overall memory foam construction makes these Bauer Vapor 2X skates super comfortable but also a lot more secure too. This has that signature vapor fit which is a low volume that means have a really nice tight heel lock just a really narrow overall instep and then also a narrow toe box as well.


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