The new Bauer Vapor 1X lite stick has Micro field 2 shaft dimensions that Bauer features in vapor for a long time. These are rounded corners with real deep concavity on the sidewalls that gives you nice contouring feel in the hands.

Bauer Vapor 1X lite stick

Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Stick

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As far as the construction goes, the Vapor 1x lite hockey stick features a mono comp one-piece design that is ultra-consistent. There is Xtreme carbon fiber that is 20% lighter as well as 20% stronger than traditional carbon and then we have the last tech resin system that uses micro nanotubes and this just keeps your stick feeling newer. It also helps to prevent microfractures from spreading so it gives the player a good durability boost.

kick point

As far as a kick point goes, It is still gonna be an ultra-low kick point but this year Bauer really sought to make the vapor 1x more versatile. If you’re a past 1x user, you would notice that the blade would open up a little bit when you’re making those big shots or maybe trying to make that quick pass out. So that’s really whether they wanted to attack this year that they went ahead and reinforced the taper with asymmetrical layers of carbon fiber so it is gonna be a little bit thicker.

With the new QRT plus technology, they are able to help prevent the blade from opening up by 20% compared to last year’s model of Vapor 1x lite hockey stick. Therefore, it is really great for those players who are taking a little more slap shots out there on the ice rink.

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Quick Release

Bauer has improved the quick release by 11% and removed 7 grams of weight out of the blade as well that makes this the quickest releasing stick from a vapor or from Bauer today and also the lightest blade so gives you a really really awesome balanced feel in the hands.

The way they did that was with the ACL or advanced carbon layering technology. This is something you can actually see just looking at the blade usually it used to be consistent but they went ahead and strategically layered the fibers this year to not only give you that quick release, not only to remove weight but they actually made it more durable around the edges as well.

Now this works with the sense layer in the arrow sense beefing up the outer edge for preventing chipping and cracking from happening.

Arrow Foam

The sensing layer or their arrow foam on the inside is very stiff and rigid which ties in well with that vapor ideology of just getting the puck off as quick as possible. Therefore, you can get a lot of quick pop just from the blade itself and then with that new taper as well just giving you the quickest shot release of your stick.


The senior version of Bauer vapor 1x stick weighs 397 grams put the Vapor 1x lite stick is 15 grams lighter than it. The big thing here is that you’re getting an 11% quicker shot release and then you’re getting a 20% more stable blade allowing you to play a little bit more towards the mid-kicks.


When you really need to load up, it gives you that pinpoint accuracy and just keeping everything in motion so definitely the most versatile and the quicker vapor hockey stick this is.

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