In this Buyer’s Guide, you’ll find out how to decide between the Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Stick and other sticks. This hockey stick features customizing options not found in retail sticks, including exclusive curve patterns, a personalized name bar, and more. It’s also made with Monocomp blade and shaft technologies. This custom-spec offering includes the Bauer MyBauer program, which allows you to customize any feature of your stick.

Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Stick Review

The Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Stick has a patented DuraFlex Resin System and features pro-level monocomp shaft technology. This type of technology helps the stick’s blade to increase its responsiveness and durability.

Its 3K carbon construction makes it an extremely durable hockey stick that can withstand high-speed impact. The green shaft is made of advanced carbon layering, which is a combination of strategically placed fibers to increase durability and performance.

Its blade uses a P92M pattern, which gives it maximum blade height from heel to toe. The resulting height provides more surface area for the player.  Additionally, a thin layer of AeroFoam surrounds the blade and its dampened core foam construction. Its sidewalls and square corners make it easy to adjust to your hand’s position.

One of the lightest Bauer sticks ever produced It weighs 390 grams and is incredibly easy to handle. It features asymmetrical TeXtreme Carbon fiber and a 7-sided shaft taper to shed weight while enhancing shot power. Despite being light, the 95-flex UltraSonic is still a very effective mid-kick stick.

The Bauer Supreme UltraSonic is a great hockey stick for intermediate to advanced players. It’s lightweight, with a high kick point and a full spine running vertically through the blade.

The ACL and the sonic taper technology make this the ideal hockey stick for crafty players. It costs between $150 and $299 and is a solid option for hockey players looking to upgrade. The price range varies from one Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic to another.


The Bauer Supreme UltraSonic is the top-selling hockey stick in the world. It is designed for advanced players who want a high-end performance. It features an asymmetrical TeXtreme shaft, a FastCore blade, and a TeXtreme carbon fiber construction. It offers maximum power and energy transfer to the player. The Ultimate Hockey Stick: Why is the Supreme the Best? A hot hockey stick can improve your game in any way.

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